Wednesday, October 23, 2019

** DISCOUNT CODE ** for MEGALITH LEVITATION debut album ACID DOOM RITES epic distorted acid metal


ACID DOOM RITES is the debut album from Russia's MEGALITH LEVITATION. This album is WAY over an hour and starts right off with a slow, heavy, distorted riff and it just doesn't let up for the full hour and 17 minutes. The vocals fit the heavy mood perfectly, and they sound more like chants than singing. The only thing to do when the music is this fuzzed-out and heavy is to check it out:

I gotta say some more about how much I dig the vocals on here. They are nasty and evil, and are like drugged-out chants. The vocals fade in and out to give the music a dimension of other-worldliness that is downright frightening. Try listening to this album in the background while you are doing something else, and you will notice the vocals kick in when you least expect them to. The effect is really fantastic.

I don't give spoilers, but jump to 14:15 of "Eternal Trip / The 4-th Plateau" if you dig sound effects in your songs as much as I do, and right after that, a killer guitar solo begins which doesn't give up until the end of this epic 25 minute track.

The title track "Acid Doom Rites" starts off with chants and a very foreboding riff. This song puts the "occult" in the "occult metal" sound of this album.

Smouldering Embers of Pyromagic

"Smouldering Embers / Pyromagic" are the titles for the last track, and these two phrases sum up this album perfectly. When the debut album is this good, we should be excited about what is in the future for Megalith Levitation.

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Band Members of Megalith Levitation:

  • SAA - Sermons & Fuzzmagic
  • KKV - Thunderbass
  • PAN - Skullhammers

From the band:
Band live rituals erase the thin line between illusion and reality, guiding the audience through parched walkways of eternity. Psychedelic sermons that take your mind on a trip to unknown recorded on a debut album of occultists from Chelyabinsk.
Check out their live videos on YouTube:

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