Friday, November 9, 2018

Humanotone s/t stoner doom album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

Humanotone s/t
Humanotone s/t
Some say that French is the language of love. Latin is the language of science. And Fuzzy Cracklins says Spanish is the language of fuzz. Listen to the stream and read the full review by Fuzzy Cracklins of Humanotone's self-titled stoner doom album.......

What ties these tracks together is a heavy fuzzed out sludgy sound. But there is also a real diversity to the tracks. Condena Natural and Corre are very heavy, and Vudú Masivo gets even louder. But there are also tracks like La Verdad and Lucidez which contain less heavy sections and more sedate vocals. I really dig all the tracks on Humanotone s/t so I usually just play it start to end.

So what was I saying about Spanish is the language of fuzz? I am no expert, but there is something about Humanotone's singing and the sound of the words and mostly because I can't understand most of it. Somehow this cranks up the fuzz meter way over the top for me. I was able to figure out the chorus in Condena Natural which is "We are all going to the same place" so how is that for doom for you.

Humanotone s/t clocks in at over an hour, too. Just hit PLAY and kick back and enjoy the fuzzy doomy tunes.

Let's meet Humanotone ..... Humanotone is the one-man musical project of Jorge Cisternas Monsalves from Chile. So that explains the Spanish vocals, right.  He wrote it, played all the instruments, and even did the artwork. It does not get any more solo than that.

In case you were wondering, yes of course Humanotone's fuzzy stoned-out doomy riffs and growly vocals are on my Loud & Lonely vol. 1 compilation album out next month on Bandcamp. You know it's gonna be loud too, so pre-order your copy now. (Hint -- there are some free codes lurking on this web site...)

It's time to head over to Bandcamp and get Humanotone's self-titled stoner doom album so you can enjoy these tracks.


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