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Tripping Haze Ceremony stoner doom metal from Malaysia album review and band interview by Fuzzy Cracklins

🌿 Debut EP from Tripping Haze Ceremony drops on 4/20 🌿
Demo 2018 from Tripping Haze Ceremony might only have two tracks and a bonus, but just set it to play on repeat and you will enjoy it for hours. THC delivers exactly what you like in a stoner track: slow heavy riffs, fuzzed out vocals, choice samples, and some amazing guitar solos. Take a listen:

One thing about THC that sets them apart from a lot of other stoner bands is they bring in some really nice, clean guitar work towards the end of the song.

I like THC so much that you can find the song Night of Damned on my doom comp Opium Warlock's Dungeon of Darkness. Check it out! Here's a video I made with a clip from it:

And good news! THC has a new single EMPEROR OF DOOM coming out on 4/20! Follow THC over on Bandcamp to find out as soon as it drops. Click here for a sample of it or watch this video!

More good news! Tripping Haze Ceremony has taken the time to answer some questions, so here is the Fuzzy Cracklins band interview with them:

FUZZY CRACKLINS: Who is in the band? When did you start as a band?
THC started as one man back in 2017, it was me, Epulyard playing the guitar and vocal. Later me and our bassist, Sara worked out for our first demo without a drummer, we frequently changed our drummer. Slowly after our demo was released in 2018, we tried to find a drummer that could fill in the position, then we got my old friend, Lim as our drummer now.  
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Who are the influences on your music?
Influences on music obviously it is Black Sabbath, but I will say there’s many band that influence me to write my own song. Uncle Acid, Beastmaker, Electric Wizard, Church Of Misery, Orchid, Down, Elder, Belzebong, Mooner, Graveyard, there’s too much name to list down. We love 70s and heavy stuff like Pentagram, Witchfinder General, Flower Travellin Band, Fleetwood Mac, Blue Oyster Cult, Stone Axe, Blues Creation, and still the list will go endlessly. (laugh)
FUZZY CRACKLINS: What bands are you listening to right now?
I’m listening to Pink Floyd while writing this, ahaa they’re great man. Witch (2006) and Master Of Reality was played before that.
FUZZY CRACKLINS: How do you find out about new music? Friends? Bandcamp? Instagram? or where?
Basically we will look out for new music on the internet nowadays, but our family and friends do take part too in great music. Among the band itself, the people you meet at local gig here, they’re just great in music. We are still digging the old and new music, all kinds of genre but stoner doom for sure.
FUZZY CRACKLINS: What is the music scene like where you live? Where do you live?
We are from Selangor, Malaysia. It’s a city named Shah Alam (SAC All Day!). The music scene here is doing great, it grows day by day. Almost every weekend you can find a gig here, in Kuala Lumpur especially. It’s great to see them struggle for what they love to do, really.
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Does THC play gigs or have plans for upcoming shows?
We haven’t played our first gig yet, yeah we would love to play live shows, tour maybe! It would be great right? [Fuzzy says: Be sure to tell us when your first gig is and we'll get the word out!!]
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Do you have any plans for a debut album?
Definitely yes, we want to release a full length album. As for now, we will release an EP album first, in the nearest time hopefully. We’ll see how it goes. 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: When is your next single being released?
Our single, Emperor Of Doom will be released this 20th April 2019 digitally on Bandcamp and YouTube, so make sure you ready with your joint and smoke to the emperor!
FUZZY CRACKLINS: What else would you like to share with your fans?
We would like to say thank you for supporting us since day one, everyone who is involved both directly and indirectly when we make our music, thank you. Don’t forget to check out our demo album and new single “Emperor Of Doom” this coming 420 on our Bandcamp and Youtube!
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Thank you for your time!
You’re welcome, thank you Fuzzy. Cheers!


Bandcamp     :

Instagram      : @THCFuzz

YouTube:      : YouTube channel for THC

Email            :

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Velas Negras stoner doom album by Fulanno

Velas Negras stoner doom album by Fulanno
Velas Negras stoner doom album by Fulanno
I might never get out of this doom kick I am in right now. I guess once your feet get stuck in the sludge you can't pull them out. Stream and read the Fuzzy Cracklins' album review of the heavy doomy sludgy Velas Negras (Black Candles) from Argentina's Fulanno........

Wild Fuzz Trip stoner doom metal from Spain music review and band interview by Fuzzy Cracklins

Wild Fuzz Trip stoner doom metal from Spain
Wild Fuzz Trip stoner doom metal from Spain

What a special sonic treat there is for you today, my friends! Wild Fuzz Trip delivers only the very best instrumental stoner music, and it is all a part of their experimenting and reviewing of so many different pedals. First we will listen to some of their music and later keep going for the Fuzzy Cracklins band interview with Wild Fuzz Trip!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

On My Way by The Count is pure psychedelic bliss -- music review and band interview by Fuzzy Cracklins

On My Way by The Count
On My Way by The Count

You guys know that me and Dr. Greenthumb love all kinds of psychedelic music, after all we did a comp together on Bandcamp a few months ago with over three hours of great music. Jams, improvised, doom psych, stoner psych, live, and even more. A sampler of everything that is going on today in the psychedelic music scene. So the point is, I dig psychedelic music!

So you can imagine when I got the word from my friends in Sleeping Child (check out my review here) that I went to go check out the new single from The Count so I could take a listen. Have a listen for yourself to The Count's new single, On My Way:

This is exactly what psychedelic means to anyone when you say, It's a psychedelic song. Right? I suppose now that we have doom psych and stoner psych and all that, I have to call On My Way something, so maybe I should call it "traditional" psychedelic. If this song came out in 1968 you would say, "Oh yea this is a groovy song." And it is groovy! The most important thing about music from that era was, Did it make you feel good or not? And this song makes you feel good. No doubt about it. 

So let's meet The Count! He kindly took the time to answer a few questions:

FUZZY CRACKLINS: Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m 27 years old, based in Chicago. The Count is my solo project, and I play all the instruments that you hear in my songs. That includes recording them in my studio as well as mixing them. The project idea is many years old, but it only took off last year with my very first release which was The Count & His Majestic Band EP. 

FUZZY CRACKLINS: Do you always use the full name of the band?
I’ve actually changed the name of the project to just “The Count” so that’s why there is a difference in title from my EP to my single. I’m still keeping the “Majestic Band” part for my backing band, whenever I play live. 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: I'm sure your fans in Chicago will be glad to hear about you getting a band together! Tell us about it.
I put a backing band together a couple months ago, and unfortunately no live shows at the moment, but there will be very soon! [Fuzzy says to check out The Count's social links below to keep track of his upcoming shows!]
FUZZY CRACKLINS: What kind of music inspires your music?
The music that inspires me the most is anything that is full and lush sounding, like the “wall of sound” kind of deal. With that being said I love Beach Boys – Pet Sounds and many 60’s and 70’s psych bands. Brian Jonestown Massacre is also a big influence for me as well as plenty of other 80’s and 90’s stuff like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spiritualized, Oasis, The Verve. Some more modern bands like Chatham Rise and Elephant Stone, and plenty more. [Fuzzy says maybe I should invite The Count to help me with my next psychedelic comp, right??]
 FUZZY CRACKLINS: What's coming up for The Count?
I have more singles to release in the near future, kind of exploring and trying out different styles, but nothing that strays away too much from my sound.
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Good to hear! I'm looking forward to your next songs. Thank you for taking the time, Count!

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Ad Nauseam LP by Lay Down and Rot atmospheric post-metal with great samples

Ad Nauseam by Lay Down and Rot
Ad Nauseam by Lay Down and Rot
Deliver me from the claims of the ageing, cautious, nagging and frightened flesh.
It's no secret Fuzzy loves a good sample. And heavy fuzzed-out guitars & bass and synths. So when Lay Down and Rot showed up with their new LP Ad Nauseam that has all this going on in every track, you know I was going to dig it. Take a listen:

Nausea gets right into things with the atmospheric effects and guitar work, and a sample that matches the mood of the music perfectly. Disturbing, dark, and yet you are hanging on every word. The lead single 'Nausea' features samples of William S. Burroughs reading the last few paragraphs of his 1953 novel 'Junky.'

As the band describes their sound:
While the sound is primarily dominated by doomy post-metal, there are streaks of post-rock, psychedelic jams, synth passages and hints of jazz strewn throughout 'Ad Nauseam'. As a whole, 'Ad Nauseam' is an ode to confusion, angst and despair.
Demons Run Amok continues with a sample of Bill Hicks delivering his most famous bit:
'... it's just a ride, but we always kill those good guys that try to tell us that. D'ya ever notice that? And let the demons run amok.' William Melvin Hicks
According to the band Sally Was a Strange Kind of Woman is dedicated to sex workers around the world, whilst the last track on the album, 'Bourke Street Blues', is a commemoration of the chaos and rampage that ensued in Melbourne, Australia during the 2017 and 2018 terrorist attacks on Bourke Street.

Lay Down and Rot are a duo based in Melbourne, Australia. Formed for some purpose, somewhere, sometime in late 2016. The LP is released on their own label, Everything Hertz Recordings.
Alex - guitars, bass, synth, samples, percussion
Matty - drums, keyboard, percussion, production, mixing
Fans in Melbourne need to keep track of Lay Down and Rot as they are rehearsing as a 4-piece in preparation for their live debut.

Check out Lay Down and Rot at:

Fans of heavy music like this with great samples the way Lay Down and Rot lays it down need to also check out Dr. Sludgelove and Brundle Haze.

You know I dig a song when it ends up on my comp so check out Nausea on Earth Day:

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Pusherkid's debut EP Smokedoper drops on 4/20 cutting edge doom psych and BAND INTERVIEW

Pusherkid's debut EP Smokedoper
Pusherkid's debut EP Smokedoper
This is a very special review for me and I'm really excited to share this one with you guys. Pusherkid has a few singles on Loud & Lonely vol. 1 and Ides of March so this is my first chance to write up a review for him with his new debut EP dropping on 4/20. The EP is called Smokedoper so check out the pre-release tracks right here:

Overall what I dig so much about Pusherkid is that he is right at the very forefront of where doom and psych and heavy music are headed. If he is looking back over his shoulders for inspiration, he might have found it but the music that is coming out on this EP is all looking into the future. The doom is so thick you can cut it with a chainsaw but the tracks do not drone or get lazy. These songs are moving and shaking.

The emphasis here is on the bass. And by emphasis I mean, it's all about the bass. If I could play the bass, this is how I would want to play it. Thick, heavy, and at the center of the music.

Ah and of course the samples. It's no secret I dig the samples there are some choice ones going on here. Marijuana, LSD, public service announcements, it's all here.

You can hear Misty Morning and Crystal Ball for yourself during the pre-release until 4/20. Fuzzy thick bass, samples, choice drops. Haunting vocals. It doesn't get any more doom psych than this.

I got to hear the early previews of Moon and Teethgrinder which keep going with the heavy but nicely-paced music, chill vocals, and samples. If you dig the first two pre-release tracks you will not be let down with the final tracks that drop on 4/20.

In particular there is some killer guitar work going on in Moon featuring Nydeaf (check out my review of his album What In The Universe here) and Ynys Mon.

Go to the Bandcamp page for Pusherkid and celebrate 4/20 with the right kind of music! LINKS BELOW!

Let's meet Pusherkid!

FUZZY CRACKLINS: How would you describe your music to a fan who has not heard it yet?
I'd say it's kind of a melting pot. You have a lot of heavy riffs, which I was really into at the time I wrote these songs. Musicians like Belzebong or OM would play non-stop on my Ipod back then. But there are also some lighter sounds, that could be qualified as spacey or hazey. I don't want my music to only sound one way, like it's only heavy music, or only calm. We are not one thing, and I guess I want that for my music too. 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: You are recording all of your music yourself. How do you decide which instruments to record first?
I never really thought about that I must say haha. But I'd say the drums are the foundation of the recording. I don't think I'd make an honest take if I were only recording with the click of the metronome. I wouldn't feel the groove as much, and it maybe wouldn't be as sincere.

FUZZY CRACKLINS: What is your songwriting process like? Some artists carefully write their music out in advance, others just jam it out. What is your method?
I would consider myself to be of the first category. Being anxious to have everything organized and neat around me, I would tend to demo all of my music, carefully label each recording, and then write my drum grooves. But it starts with jamming, and more and more I just jam with a few effects, see where it gets me, and record a riff I really dug. Some riffs stay unused on my phone for a long time before I find another riff to go with it. I don't try too much to make things work.  
FUZZY CRACKLINS: You are also a member of Artifex. Any news going on with Artifex?
Well we have been writing some new material for a 3rd release, and have been talking about recording soon. Lately we've been working on adding these new songs to our repertoire, and changing the course of our artistic direction. 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Your music draws on different influences. Tell us about them?
Where to start with the bands I love haha. For this record, I'd say the main influences were Belzebong, a bit of Sleep, a bit of Electric Wizard, a bit of Sabbath (isn't it always the case with doom?). If you listen close enough, you can hear where each riff comes from. But maybe it's easier when you are behind the tunes. And in some ways, the reason why this project is name Pusherkid is because I consider myself being a kid in the world of music. I live among talented people, and I listen to some very talented people. And this record is a way of saying "hey, here's what these people have inspired me to do!" It's my homage to those people. Some might say it's a bad one, but I don't really care about haters haha 

FUZZY CRACKLINS: What are some other bands you think we should be listening to?
My first answer would be to make sure everyone is getting enough of their Grateful Dead daily dosage haha. That being said, I recently fell into Circles Around the Sun, and I think everyone should be listening to their record "Let It Wander". Kikagaku Moyo's "House in a Tall Grass" is a really treat too. Most of the artists at Sargent House are also worth listening too, such as Emma Ruth Rundle, or Brutus! 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: What else would you like to tell us?
Well I hope you had a nice time reading these lines, and I hope everyone's well. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and be safe! 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Thanks for your time, Pusherkid!

You can also hear Pusherkid's Crystal Ball on my Ides of March compilation of fresh underground music:

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Monday, April 8, 2019

WAITING is the new single from Raging Bull

WAITING is the new single from Raging Bull
WAITING is the new single from Raging Bull
If you dig the music on THE HEAVY SOUTH such as The King's Pistol and The Rum, then you are definitely going to dig the new single from Raging Bull. Take a listen to WAITING:

Dig that wicked bass line, the riffs and those killer vocals. Get WAITING on your playlist right now! With the release of their first self-titled EP back in 2016 receiving rave reviews, their upcoming single release of the track ‘Waiting’ is a much anticipated event.

Raging Bull is a power trio from London that has been laying down the heavy blues rock since 2014. Be sure to check out their  “guns-a-blazing” stage performances with enough honest blues-rock feel to take you back to the glory days of the great rock'n'roll bands.

You can check out Raging Bull at:

Listen to WAITING from Raging Bull along with many other fresh tracks from the heavy underground on this month's Bandcamp comp, Earth Day:

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The Heavy South fresh underground music with TWO exclusive songs!

The Heavy South fresh underground music with TWO exclusive songs!
The Heavy South
Featuring brand NEW and EXCLUSIVE 
tracks from 
Space Coke 
and HOT RAM!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Skeltonics (Demo) by Knaves of Dis is Primitive Scholar Thrash

Skeltonics (Demo) by Knaves of Dis
Skeltonics (Demo) by Knaves of Dis
A very unique special album is what we have right here. A 2-man thrash outfit. OK that is not all that unique right, you all know how much I dig the metal jams of Dos Brujos. It's their debut album, and it's more towards lo-fi than it is towards super high-end polished and mastered and all that.

So then what is so unique about Knaves of Dis? Well, if the band name and demo title have not already given away the surprise, the lyrics are from the poems of John Skelton. As in the Middle English poet. The tutor to Henry the VIII. That guy. Like back before we spoke modern English. There is even a name given to his form of rhyme and alliteration which is called Skeltonics.

Don't run away yet because I am here to tell you that not only is this worth a listen just for the novelty and uniqueness of the idea, but it really works. I mean it REALLY works. The old English words when spoken and shouted over the two-piece thrash setup work really well. There is an anger in the words that is supported by their delivery, and all that is boosted by the banging drums and thrashing guitar.

I dig all three of the tracks and in particular the longest and last track. Here's a snippet of the lyrics, which are from the 1568 poem Ware the Hauke (full poem):
He made his hawke to fly,
With hogeous showte and cry.
The hy auter he strypte naked;
There on he stode, and craked;
Here is how Knaves of Dis describe their sound as Primitive Scholar Thrash, or as:
Conjuration of master poet John Skelton from five centuries’ sleep, to place his disturbing lyric inventions, his metrical onslaught, and his haughty and complicated provisions for the damnation of fools, back into their proper setting: dirty, ear-splitting thrash.
Knaves of Dis is Thomas Crofts on drums and backing vocals, percussive ritual ensemble, and recitations with Adam Timbs on guitars, bass, and lead vocals.  

Knaves of Dis is working on their next album already which is great news. Thrash is meant to be thrashed out, not tweaked and tuned and re-tuned and fine-tuned. So just kick it out guys, make a mess, take some prisoners. It won't always be pretty. In fact, let's hope it's never pretty.

I'm not sure if the next album will also be with Skelton's lyrics, or if Knaves of Dis will change to another poet, or what. Hopefully they will continue moving ahead exploring the ways thrash can bring out the best in other art forms. The anger and energy and raw emotion of thrash is something that is found in many other artistic endeavors so it seems like there are a lot of opportunities for Knaves of Dis to thrash around in.

Back to the masters of metal jams, Dos Brujos, because right here is another example where thrash intensifies the emotion of another artistic endeavor, in this case a scene from The Seventh Seal, the Ingmar Bergman classic:

Vol. [0] by Sküma stoner rock from Greece album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

Vol. [0] by Sküma stoner rock from Greece album review by Fuzzy Cracklins
Vol. [0] by Sküma
The stoner music scene in Greece has so many great bands and so many different sounds that I am always glad when I am asked by a Greek band to check out their music. Today the band is Sküma with their second album, Vol. [0]. This is a super solid super stoner rocker that keeps up a top rate heavy sound from the start through to the end.

Take a listen to Insomnia:

What if every time you turned on the radio you could hear a song this good? You would be glad to turn on the radio all the time if you knew if was going to be heavy stoner music with killer vocals to match. OK so that is a dream.... And the whole album is as solid as Insomnia. Hit the Bandcamp link below to check out the rest of the tracks on the album.

Sküma is from Heraklion, Greece since 2016 and has the members of:
Vocals - Mixalis
Guitar - Gio
Guitar - Panos
Bass - Mikelis
Drums - Grou
If you dig the hard stoner rock sound of Sküma, you should also check out HOT RAM and Stonus.

You can listen to Insomnia from Vol. [0] by Sküma along with many other fresh tracks from the heavy underground on this month's Bandcamp comp, Earth Day:

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