Thursday, October 17, 2019

"3 3 3" by 3 WHEELER BAND is a heavy rocker from Mexico

"3 3 3" by 3 WHEELER BAND
"3 3 3" by 3 WHEELER BAND
This is turning out to be a great week for music from bands from Mexico. Yesterday was the the new EP from FALSO CORDERO and today is the EP from this summer by 3 WHEELER BAND. "3 3 3" is three tracks of flat-out heavy rock with the tough vocals you know will punch the sound out in any club. Listening to this EP makes you want to see this guys at their live show. They have captured the raw energy from their shows on these studio tracks and you can hear it in the songs. Check out "3 3 3" from 3 Wheeler Band:

3 Wheeler Band plays this Saturday along with THE DARK SILENCE OF DEATH (another killer band) in Monterrey.

3 Wheeler Band is:
Adrian G. - Guitars and Vox
Davo C. - Bass
Jose M. - Drums