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Grab a Code for SLUGG's debut psych doom single "Yonder"


Grab a Code for SLUGG's debut psych doom single "Yonder"

Grab a code for the new single "" from SLUGG -- psych doom from Italy.  

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Stoner 'N Roll "Weird Tales" drops on Jan. 1 from Chile's CORMANO

Stoner 'N Roll "Weird Tales" drops on Jan. 1 from Chile's CORMANO

Fuzzy has always had a hankering for desert rock, and now that I actually live in the Mojave Desert, my love for this style of stoner fuzz has only grown stronger. There's something about this heavy rock style that makes it easy to imagine the hot, dusty trails surrounded by cactus and red cliffs. (Not to mention that I don't live too far from Sky Valley.) So I'm excited about the new album from the deserts of Chile called "Weird Tales" by CORMANO which drops on January 1. 

"Weird Tales" is the LP follow-up to the trio's 2018 debut EP "EPXX18" and it keeps the same fuzzy desert rock sound with a dash of sinister spaghetti western overtones. 

The album kicks off in grand style, with an overture with a heavy, epic riff that seems to announce, "This album is going to kick your ass." And indeed, the next track, with its eponymous title, does indeed unleash the next level of fuzz with the addition of vocals. These three dudes bang out a lot of sound for a three-piece, while keeping things tight and energetic in the way that only a trio can do it. 

"Bury Me With My Money" wastes no time going political with its declaration of greed, but the real highlight is the guitar work and thundering drums in the middle of the song. 

"El Caleuche" slows things down a bit, and keeps the spaghetti western flair going with the church bells, but then kicks in with the fuzz before it heads into heavy psych territory with extended guitar licks and layered effects. 

"Urknall" brings back the vocals (this time in Spanish) and really gives the drums a chance to stand out, with extended drum solos and placing them near the top of the mix. 

"Rise From Your Grave" has more of the heavy psych guitar work that we heard on "El Caleuche" with the addition of vocals. 

"Futuere" is a flat-out rocker, and the finale "A Boy And His Dog" wraps up the album with a somewhat melancholy tale that ends with a bang. 

"Weird Tales" is non-stop heavy energy from start to finish, with a variety of sonic styles to keep things fresh, so check it out on January 1 and ring in the new year with some great desert fuzz. 

Fuzzy's Favorite: It's a tough choice, but I think the psychedelic vibes on "El Caleuche" make it stand out. 

From the band: 

"Weird Tales" is the first LP from Chilean Stoner 'N Roll band Cormano. The eight songs talk about ancient monsters, old western landscapes, and dystopian alternatives and other weird stories.

Cormano is from Santiago, Chile with members:

  • Aaron Saavedra : Guitar/Vocals
  • Claudio Bobadilla: Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Rodrigo Jiménez: Drums/Backing Vocals 

FFO: 3Demons, Inferous, and Electric Cult

Follow the band on Bandcamp to find out when "Weird Tales" is released on January 1 at

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Stoner metal DREAMS OF MAYA "I" debut EP from Ukraine

Stoner metal DREAMS OF MAYA "I" debut EP from Ukraine

 Can't get enough instrumental stoner? Neither can Fuzzy! Dig the debut EP "I" from Ukraine by DREAMS OF MAYA. It leans a bit into stoner metal, the songs a little shorter than typical stoner doom, and I'm digging it a lot. The guitar solos are not to be missed! Listen to "I" from Dreams of Maya on Bandcamp: 

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Through the Desert" really blasts the riffs and is the longest track on the album.

Dreams of Maya band is from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Follow Dreams of Maya on Bandcamp at

Listen to Dreams of Maya "I" on YouTube:

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Satanic stoner metal "Quanaxhuato" from SANTO FUZZ

Satanic stoner metal "Quanaxhuato" from SANTO FUZZ

There's been so much great stoner metal from Mexico this year (check out The Swamp's CACTUS ROJO, ELECTRIC CULT, 3DEMONS, and VELJET) and released today is another album to add to the list: "Quanaxhuato" from SANTO FUZZ. This is nearly an hour of heavy psych with excellent guitar work, and especially the vocals stand out on this album. The vocals include singing, growls, background chants, and they are layered together to give support the heavy psych vibes. There is a slight lo-fi vibe to this recording, and that's a good thing. Listen to "Quanaxhuato" from Santo Fuzz on Bandcamp at:

Some of the highlights: heavy metal riffs on "El Truco," mind-bending vocals on "Usurero Del Baratillo", and simply satanic worship on the title track. 

Oh yea, you might have noticed all the vocals are in Spanish, which is perfect for this style of music.

Santo Fuzz band is from Guanajuato, Mexico. Santo Fuzz began as a one man band from September 4th 2020 to November 2021 formed by Agustín Ramírez, and now the band has two members with an anonymous man in the drums. 

From the band: 
Santo Fuzz is a Stoner Doom Metal & Occult Psychedelic Rock Band with regional mexican music influences that show horror folk stories, bad trips and classic terror movies of the "Cine de Oro Mexicano" in the lyrics. 

Hey did I already mention this album clocks in at nearly an hour? What are you waiting for? Grab a copy and follow the band on Bandcamp at

Listen to "Quanaxhuato" on YouTube: 

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Monday, November 15, 2021

MULE THROWER debut doom EP "Gluttoner" with band interview

"Gluttoner" is the debut EP from MULE THROWER, a new solo band from Jeff Gallagher. Short, sweet, and to the point -- a handful of tracks with some very catchy riffs, excellent vocals, and a dose of appropriate samples. "Gluttoner" ends too quickly but hopefully this is a taste of more to come from Mule Thrower -- and hopefully soon! Listen on Bandcamp:

Mule Thrower band is from Pennsylvania with Jeff Gallagher on vocals and guitar with Jason Lech drums. 

Interview with the band: 

FUZZY: Where did the band's name "Mule Thrower" come from?

MULE THROWER: The name came from looking at a playlist that had Tom Waits's "Get Behind the Mule" and Floor's "Slug Thrower"; the words mule and thrower caught my eye.

FUZZY: Were any mules harmed in the production of this album?

MULE THROWER: I do not encourage or condone the throwing of mules.

FUZZY: You've got a unique sound -- what have been your musical influences?

MULE THROWER: The main influences are Floor, Eyehategod, Unsane, Corrupted, and obscure Americana music.

FUZZY: Where did the album name "Gluttoner" come from?

MULE THROWER: The Gluttoner EP is thematically about the pill epidemic in America with sonic undertones and motifs of the Appalachian/Rust Belt areas it affects greatly.  It isn't meant to glorify; my aim was to create a cohesive piece that is both grim and crushing, like the problem itself. The concept also can be related to the quest for the heaviest possible sound that many of us in this genre chase. That too can be be gluttonous at times.

FUZZY: Thanks, man!

Follow Mule Thrower on Bandcamp at

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

MELLOW BEAST "Invisible Wormhole" psych rock drops on Oct. 29

Psych rock fans have reason to celebrate with Friday's release of "Invisible Wormhole" from one of Fuzzy's favorite bands, MELLOW BEAST! Readers of my blog will remember my previous reviews of Mellow Beast's debut "Hyperion" and its coneptual follow-up "The Tale of Sir Gregory." Friday's release continues the with Mellow Beast's mastery of late 60s psychedelia, but begins a new story about what lurks in a wormhole behind the moon. And in terms of musical textures and variety, this has to be the band's best album yet (and that's saying something). Listen to "Invisible Wormhole" by Mellow Beast on Bandcamp (with the full album to be released October 29):  

At times serious and even a bit menacing, and at other times more playful, "Invisible Wormhole" takes the listener through a cosmic anomaly to visit with a mysterious presence. Although there is a concept and narrative which connects the songs, you don't need to follow the story to enjoy the songs. Each track stands on its own and offers its own unique flavor of psych rock. There's catchy riffs, flowery melodies, layered vocals -- it's everything that any fan of psych rock could want. In terms of musicianship, Mellow Beast has topped their previous albums and delivered their best concept album yet.

A very limited CD with lyric sheet is available at

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Colouring Forest" with its impish vocals and spaced-out guitars, and it drifts easily into the next track "Alien Princess". 

FFO: The Swamp's FAIRYPORT CONVENT, LOOT THE BODY, and anyone who loves THE SMALL FACES "Odgen's Nut Gone" and THE MOODY BLUES "Days of Future Passed."

MELLOW BEAST band is Paul Scott from Belfast, UK.  

From the band: 
With life on earth getting dull, a group of explorers decide to head to the stars only to find a wormhole lurking close by behind the moon. The album revolves around the creature that lurks within and what he has in mind for this group of travelers. 
Follow Mellow Beast on Bandcamp at to get the news on the full album release on October 29.

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