Tuesday, April 19, 2022

GØREN gets in The Swamp

GØREN gets in The Swamp

GØREN gets in The Swamp! Fuzzy Cracklins and The Swamp Records are excited to announce the new project from the man behind MOTH66. 

Gøren is a heavy psych project from Michigan-based solo artist Derek Fisher (Moth66). Birthed in 2022 as another creative outlet, Gøren's debut single "Den of Snakes" is out today for digital download with a full length album scheduled for later this year. 

Follow Gøren on Instagram at @gorenfuzz and download the new single at goren.bandcamp.com

Friday, March 4, 2022

Folk rock "Hell Is Other People" from duo THE FAIRGREEN BAND

Folk rock debut "Hell Is Other People" from THE FAIRGREEN BAND

Dig the new album "Hell Is Other People" from the UK's THE FAIRGREEN BAND. Lots and lots of catchy folk rock riffs with a fuzzy edge that I'm really enjoying. The duo of Paul Austin and Oli Mortham combine acoustic and electric guitars to deliver an ultra fresh collection of tunes. Great vocals, too. Listen to The Fairgreen Band on Bandcamp:

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Ruby Knows" captures The Fairgreen Band's unique take on folk rock. 

FFO: Crow Ballard, Willow Ash, Fairyport Convent. 

The Fairgreen Band is from Diss in Norfolk, UK with members:

  • Paul Austin - lead vocals, acoustic guitars, lyrics
  • Oli Mortham - electric guitars, bass guitar, backing vocals, drum programming, synths, keys 

Follow the band on Bandcamp at https://thefairgreenband1.bandcamp.com

Thursday, February 10, 2022

SRWW Community Album ft. MOTH66

SRWW Community Album ft. MOTH66

Two years in the making with the efforts of dozens of musicians from around the world including The Swamp's MOTH66, check out the compilation "SRWW Community Album" now on Bandcamp and soon to be on vinyl. This is 7 brand new tracks composed and recorded remotely during the pandemic. A huge spectrum of genres are represented here, along with some big names from the heavy underground scene including Bob Balch (Fu Manchu), Papanikolaou Babis (Planet of Zeus), and Tolis Motsios (Nightstalker). (Full track listing and credits are below.) Listen on Bandcamp at: 

Follow SRWW on Bandcamp for info on the vinyl release at https://srww.bandcamp.com/album/srww-community-album

The Swamp's MOTH66 features with guitar on "Raw." Listen to his new album and get the CD from Moth66 at https://moth66.bandcamp.com/album/lxvi

Track 1 - Dreams of Space

Francesco Bonardi - Guitar (Hackberry, Netherlands)

Eric Frantzen - Bass (Mantra Machine, Netherlands)

Drev - Vocals (Descarado, Sweden)

Miguel Pereira - Guitar (Bushfire, Germany)

Sascha Holz - Drums (Bushfire, Germany)

Track 2 - Remain

Martin Frank - Bass / Vocals (White Noise Generator, Germany)

Thomas Berger - Drums (Timestone, Austria

Tony Hochhuber Guitars Germany)

Track 3 - The All Seeing Sun

Diamond Pr - Guitar / Vocals (The Same River, Greece)

Oscar Flanagan - Guitar (Insonika, Sweden)

Armin Lehner - Keys (Ozymandias, Austria)

Brien Gillen - Drums (Elder Druid, Northern Ireland)

Rafael Denardi - Bass (Rafael Denardi, Brazil)

Special Guest: Papanikolaou Babis (Planet of Zeus, Greece)

Track 4 - Raw

Luke Taylor - Drums (White Noise Generator, Germany)

Derek Fisher - Guitar (Moth66, USA)

Niels van Eldijk - Bass (Ramkoers, Netherlands)

Ben Plochowietz - Guitar / Vocals (Scorched Oak, Germany)

Christoph W. - Vocals (Ozymandias, Austria)

Special Guests:Tolis Motsios Nightstalker (Greece)

Track 5 - Calypso

Tom Maene - Guitar (Motsus, Belgium)

Jeroen Schippers - Drums (Mantra Machine, Netherlands)

Linda Hackmann - Bass / Vocals (Scorched Oak, Germany)

Dimitris Vardoulakis - Vocals (Honeybadger, Greece)

Jonas Hartmann - Keys (Willow Child, Germany)

Special Guest: Bob Balch (Fu Manchu, US)

Track 6 - Stalactite Caves

Alex Pöll - Bass / Vocals (Cone, Germany)

Jakob Aigner - Guitar / Vocals (Timestone, Austria)

Massimiliano Boventi - Drums (Humulus, Italy)

Uwe Halmich - Guitar (Eternal Engine, Germany)

Track 7 - Wastelands

Peter Dragt - Drums (Bismut, Netherlands)

Jake Wallace - Guitar (Elder Druid, Northern Ireland)

Jason Recoing - Bass (Pelegrin, France)

Dale Hughes - Synth / Keys (Electric Octopus, Northern Ireland)

Francois Roze - Guitar / Vocals (Pelegrin, France) 

ATOMIC DRAG doom surf EP "Black Magic Spells and Other Neat Weird Stuff"

ATOMIC DRAG doom surf EP "Black Magic Spells and Other Neat Weird Stuff"

Last year I reviewed the debut EP from solo surf band ATOMIC DRAG, and last week saw the release of his newest EP, "Black Magic Spells and Other Neat Weird Stuff". If you dig surf riffs, solo bands, and instrumental music, then this collection of 5 tunes will get your gears cranking. Fuzzy really digs the dark edge that Atomic Drag puts on his surf music. Listen on Bandcamp: 

Follow Atomic Drag band on Bandcamp at https://atomicdrag.bandcamp.com/album/black-magic-spells-and-other-neat-weird-stuff

The entire discography from The Swamp Records is at

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Grab a Code for SLUGG's debut psych doom single "Yonder"


Grab a Code for SLUGG's debut psych doom single "Yonder"

Grab a code for the new single "" from SLUGG -- psych doom from Italy.  

Redeem at https://sluggdoom.bandcamp.com/yum

Follow SLUGG on Bandcamp at https://sluggdoom.bandcamp.com/track/yonder






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ZODIAC RIPPERS "Tales From The Old Spell" (with 2 bonus tracks) stoner punk

GRAVE DISGRACE "Rest In Peace" classic doom

3DEMONS "Upala / Desierto Cosmico" double EP

WILLOW ASH "Hypnagogia" stoner metal - Doom Charts in December 2020

WATCHMAN "Doom of Babylon" stoner doom

GREEN HOG "Devil's Luck" and "Dogs From Hell" stoner metal

THUNDER VOLT "Wanted Man" grunge

JERICO - "Trip To Death and Back" psych rock

TAUBNERNAUT "Escalating Fetishist" with BONUS CD

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Stoner 'N Roll "Weird Tales" drops on Jan. 1 from Chile's CORMANO

Stoner 'N Roll "Weird Tales" drops on Jan. 1 from Chile's CORMANO

Fuzzy has always had a hankering for desert rock, and now that I actually live in the Mojave Desert, my love for this style of stoner fuzz has only grown stronger. There's something about this heavy rock style that makes it easy to imagine the hot, dusty trails surrounded by cactus and red cliffs. (Not to mention that I don't live too far from Sky Valley.) So I'm excited about the new album from the deserts of Chile called "Weird Tales" by CORMANO which drops on January 1. 

"Weird Tales" is the LP follow-up to the trio's 2018 debut EP "EPXX18" and it keeps the same fuzzy desert rock sound with a dash of sinister spaghetti western overtones. 

The album kicks off in grand style, with an overture with a heavy, epic riff that seems to announce, "This album is going to kick your ass." And indeed, the next track, with its eponymous title, does indeed unleash the next level of fuzz with the addition of vocals. These three dudes bang out a lot of sound for a three-piece, while keeping things tight and energetic in the way that only a trio can do it. 

"Bury Me With My Money" wastes no time going political with its declaration of greed, but the real highlight is the guitar work and thundering drums in the middle of the song. 

"El Caleuche" slows things down a bit, and keeps the spaghetti western flair going with the church bells, but then kicks in with the fuzz before it heads into heavy psych territory with extended guitar licks and layered effects. 

"Urknall" brings back the vocals (this time in Spanish) and really gives the drums a chance to stand out, with extended drum solos and placing them near the top of the mix. 

"Rise From Your Grave" has more of the heavy psych guitar work that we heard on "El Caleuche" with the addition of vocals. 

"Futuere" is a flat-out rocker, and the finale "A Boy And His Dog" wraps up the album with a somewhat melancholy tale that ends with a bang. 

"Weird Tales" is non-stop heavy energy from start to finish, with a variety of sonic styles to keep things fresh, so check it out on January 1 and ring in the new year with some great desert fuzz. 

Fuzzy's Favorite: It's a tough choice, but I think the psychedelic vibes on "El Caleuche" make it stand out. 

From the band: 

"Weird Tales" is the first LP from Chilean Stoner 'N Roll band Cormano. The eight songs talk about ancient monsters, old western landscapes, and dystopian alternatives and other weird stories.

Cormano is from Santiago, Chile with members:

  • Aaron Saavedra : Guitar/Vocals
  • Claudio Bobadilla: Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Rodrigo Jiménez: Drums/Backing Vocals 

FFO: 3Demons, Inferous, and Electric Cult

Follow the band on Bandcamp to find out when "Weird Tales" is released on January 1 at https://cormano.bandcamp.com

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