Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Fuzzy Cracklins and The Swamp Records

Fuzzy Cracklins and The Swamp Records provide free promotion of heavy underground artists on Bandcamp. Details below!

Codes below for prog rock "Observer" by STEREOCHROME

Codes below for prog rock "Observer" by STEREOCHROME

Redeem a Bandcamp code below for the new release "Observer" from prog rock band STEREOCHROME. 

FREE CODES for FOUR HOURS of heavy psych on Bandcamp!

Redeem a code below to add Sargent Signals' "Psychedeclic Genocide" compilation to your Bandcamp collection! Over four hours of curated underground music. Grab a code below!

Friday, December 1, 2023

Bandcamp Friday code drop - PRE-RELEASE from THE DEATH SPELL

The album drops on Dec. 24 on Bandcamp, and you can check out the pre-release single "Witch's Coven" now. Grab a code below! 

FOLLOW the band and listen at

Bandcamp Friday Code Drop for new psych kraut "Lichtecho" by Schiguli

Fuzzy is really digging the new psych kraut album "Lichtecho" by Germany's Schiguli. These 6 tracks flow together for a smooth, energetic listening experience. Top rate instrumental psychedelic krautrock!

Listen for yourself by redeeming a code below! 

Bandcamp Friday code drop -- "Order, Chaos, Life and Death" by Dixie Goat

The new stoner metal album "Order, Chaos, Life and Death" from Chile's DIXIE GOAT rocks so hard it makes my head hurt! And that's the whole point! This trio keeps it fresh with every track sounding unique, and the overall effect is a fantastic album. There's a layer of keyboards, too, and they are put to good use. Start listening with a code below!

Sunday, November 26, 2023