Tuesday, October 15, 2019

URBAN GRAVEYARD debut EP is fuzzed-out dirty desert doom

URBAN GRAVEYARD debut EP is fuzzed-out dirty desert doom

I'm not sure where the desert is in The Netherlands, but URBAN GRAVEYARD found one for their fuzzed-out dirty desert doom debut EP. Only searing hot blowing sandstorms of fuzz on these tracks, along with rough vocals and some killer guitar solos. Toss in a couple of short instrumental tracks to boost the atmosphere and you've got a nice tidy EP that is heavy on the desert rock and stoner doom. Check out "Welcome to the Urban Graveyard" --

"21st Century Prostitute" is a fuzzed-out ripper. "Bloodmoon Rising" is slower and sludgier, and then things pick back up with "A Subtle Guide" and finish with "A58" which might be my favorite song on the EP. Very fuzzy, heavy, a little slow, and it just burns from beginning to end.

Check out the song times. We're getting an intro of spoken word & an instrumental interlude song between the longer vocal tracks. I dig it. These short tracks add atmosphere and mood and give the EP a little extra heft.

From the band:
Steaming Desertmetal / Stonerrock from the southwest polders of the Netherlands.

This debut EP really brings home the desert doom combo that I dig. Check out Urban Graveyard! and also check out their CD over on Bandcamp.

Bretus "Aion Tetra" heavy horror metal

Bretus "Aion Tetra" Italian doom metal
Bretus "Aion Tetra" Italian doom metal
BRETUS aims to deliver music fitting for a 70s horror movie, and they deliver that (and more) with heavy riffs and atmospheric effects on "Aion Tetra". This band has been around a while and puts their experience to use with a album full of heavy metal fit for any midnight ritual in a foggy graveyard. Listen to Bretus "Aion Tetra" --

"Priests of Chaos" starts slow with the effects setting the mood, and then the song drops in a killer riff and clean vocals. All the songs on the album are solid like this. "Prisoner of the Night" is flat out heavy metal. The good kind. A real ripper. "Aion Tetra" is surprisingly short for a title track. "Deep Space Voodoo" gets back to the slow and heavy. Has a real taste of symphonic doom. Real good.

"Mark of Evil" is back towards heavy metal. Again, really high energy and a good song. You'll notice the tracks are alternating between heavy metal and the more atmospheric & symphonic.

"Cosmic Crow" has a well-deserved video on YouTube -- check it out! This single really hits the core of Bretus' sound -- heavy metal with atmospherics and symphonics.

"Fields of Mars" is short but very doom and dark (great track) and "City of Frost" anchors the album with yet another killer dark track.

Overall, I really dig how heavy this album sounds, while delivering on the haunting atmospherics and effects. Need an album for Halloween? Or why not any day of the year? Look no further than Aion Tetra from Bretus.

Bretus is:
Ghenes (High/Low Guitars and Fx),
Zagarus (Vox),
Janos (Bass),
Striges (Drums)
From the band:
Doom band from Italy founded in 2000.
Their inspirations are: Old horror movies, H.P. Lovecraft, mysticism and 70's music.

Ghost Stories by Malkasian with Fuzzy J lays down the Voodoo Fuzz Blues

Ghost Stories by Malkasian with Fuzzy J
Ghost Stories by Malkasian with Fuzzy J 
Hey remember that comp on Bandcamp I put out earlier this year THE HEAVY SOUTH? So you know I was excited to hear  Ghost Stories by Malkasian with Fuzzy J. Oh yea also I like the name "Fuzzy" and then one last thing -- on their Bandcamp they claim to be the blues band of Edgar Allan Poe who I kinda have a thing for (check out CROW AND POE). So pretty much I had decided to like this collection of groovy Southern blues rockers before I had heard them. And this album delivers. It is rocking, groovy, bluesy, a little heavy in places, a little dark in other places, and overall just a flat-out good album to kick back and listen to. Check out Ghost Stories by Malkasian with Fuzzy J:

Sunday, October 13, 2019

ADVENT VARIC Gets In The Swamp with new single "Saturn 9"

"Saturn 9" is the new single from ADVENT VARIC
Art by @flavionoids
Fuzzy Cracklins Presents is excited and proud to announce ADVENT VARIC is in The Swamp! I love their killer blackened metal sound and you can't beat the bong rips coming from Captain Graves and his crew on Saturn 9. Listen while you can to their new single "Saturn 9" named in honor of their cloaked dreadnought orbiting the Earth awaiting the call from Varic to lay waste to our planet:

The single headlines my next digital compilation on Bandcamp dropping October 25th and curated by The Captain himself. You can listen to ADVENT VARIC'S SCORCHED EARTH right now when you join the Swamp Krewe. It has 14 of the best blackened metal songs out there today. Listen now at The Swamp Krewe.

ADVENT VARIC has a lot going on right now:
  • October 18 show at the 33 Golden in New London CT 
  • November 3 show at The Opus in Salem Mass.
  • November 23 show with The Necrosexual in Philadelphia
  • CD coming soon including a 14-page comic book telling the story of Tumulus
  • Re-release of "Tumulus Part I" in November
  • "Tumulus Part III" in December
While he's not writing & recording with Advent Varic, Captain Graves writes the "Captain's Chronicles" column music reviews over at Sleeping Village Reviews.

Artwork for the single is by @flavionoids https://www.instagram.com/flavionoids/

Follow Advent Varic on Bandcamp to stay up to date and get their new music:

Friday, October 11, 2019

ADVENT VARIC reviews FUMAROLE new single "Valley"

FUMAROLE new single "Valley"
FUMAROLE new single "Valley"

Big thanks to ADVENT VARIC for this guest review! Be sure to check out his other reviews on SLEEPING VILLAGE REVIEWS and also his blackened stoner metal on Bandcamp! Thanks, man!
This is my first dip in The Swamp writing a review. The Stoned Village seems to have caught onto my games, and someone got to this review before I had the chance.

Fumarole is a band hailing from Down Undah, and they are absolutely terrified of my threats. That's Australia for all who are unaware of ol' Crocodile Dundee, Fuzzy's second cousin. "Valley" is a new single from the concept album they are recording now. We all know how much concepts tickle my fancy, it's like a sweet burning in my loins. What they don't know is The Captain also writes about the valley, and I decimate the hell out of it. Varic must be sending these dudes transmissions "The Valley will consume you Into the dark". That's right boys, black holes sure do leave you in the dark with nothing left. I think they must have translated Varic's messages improperly, do Australian's have sufficient technology for this, or are they still using stone tools and smoke signals?

The music is the tasty stoner metal we all love, and the vocals make me think that Kurt really idolizes Lemmy. You can check out Valley on bandcamp, and grab one of their merch packs for 35$ AUD (that's about 25$ USD).

Thursday, October 10, 2019

How (and WHY) to send out download codes on Bandcamp

TLDR; Spend $3.00 to buy download codes on Bandcamp and send them to reviewers and super fans. Here's how!
This post is for all the bands out there who are trying to get the word out on their music. Well, that should be EVERY band regardless of their size, but especially new underground bands who don't have a label and a PR company and all that. You guys have to get things done yourselves.

All the info after the jump..........

Tętno Pulsu by LASTRYKO instrumental psych + synths = KILLER

Tętno Pulsu by LASTRYKO
Tętno Pulsu by LASTRYKO
So much great instrumental psych is landing in The Swamp lately! Just a few days ago we got to hear BILLY TSOUNIS and today it is Poland's LASTRYKO. The album is called "Tętno Pulsu" and has over 45 minutes of killer instrumental psychedelic music with synths added into the mix, and a touch of Krautrock to kick up the energy level. This band combines repetition with variation so keep the songs moving upward and into space. Have a listen to Tętno Pulsu by LASTRYKO:

The album starts off right with nearly ten minutes of "Jeden" which is spacey but not to fast or heavy. "Just right."

"Dwa" really gets moving and has some great solo guitar work. The bass line is heavy and fast, and this might be my favorite track on an album that has only great songs.

"Trzy" dials back the speed and delivers the most psychedelic song, with a couple more shorter songs before the album ends with "Sześć" getting back to the longer tracks. There is a not a weak or mediocre song on this album, and if you are a fan of instrumental psych then you will totally dig Tętno Pulsu by LASTRYKO. 

Lastryko is:
Wojciech Lacki - bass
Jacek Rezner - drums
Artur Bieszke - guitar
Maciej Szkudlarek - synthesizers

Lastryko on Bandcamp