Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Praise the Sun "IN: Thermoglobal Endpoint (Remastered)" heavy metal

Praise the Sun "IN: Thermoglobal Endpoint (Remastered)" heavy metal

Fuzzy loves a remaster! It's like getting your house remodeled -- you already love the place, but want to make it better. A remaster is also a chance for a band to re-introduce a great album to their fans. PRAISE THE SUN just released "IN: Thermoglobal Endpoint (Remastered)" so here's your chance to get acquainted with this collection of 8 heavy metal tracks from the glaciers of Norway. Listen on Bandcamp: 

Overall, it's the vocals that take front stage, with their sinister, fuzzed-out, hazy approach. They are a hallmark of the band's sound. But don't stop there! Dig a little deeper and the drum lines and  guitar riffs will reward your doom bone. There's a nice variety too, from classic sabbath worship ("...of the Pallid Mask") to hints of eastern flair (such as in "Temple of Lukos"). 

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Reunion" might not be the most representative track in relation to the other songs, but I really dig the riff on this one, and it makes for a great album closer.  

Praise The Sun band hails from Norway. 

Follow Praise The Sun on Bandcamp and listen to "IN: Thermoglobal Endpoint (Remastered)" at

The band will release a new EP on October 21 titled "Alchemical Slave: Omen of Fire" with 4 new tracks. Be sure to follow the band to get news about the release. 

Another recent remaster you should check out is "Electric Children: The Final Cut" by MERLIN. Listen at

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Monday, October 18, 2021

Fog Giant's Sabbath-Worshipping Debut EP Drops on Halloween

FOG GIANT debut EP sabbath worship drops on Halloween

Get ready for Halloween with the heavy doom riffs of the upcoming debut EP from FOG GIANT. This S/T delivers 5 songs which truly deserve to be called "sabbath worship" with their low & slow tones, fuzzed-out riffs, and pummeling drum lines. Listen to Fog Giant EP on Bandcamp:

"Sky Burial" is a strong opener, and fires a salvo of stoner doom across your brain as it fires off what Fog Giant has to offer. 

"Sesspool" takes it nearly instrumental, and the vocals don't kick in until the end. I'm digging the burning, chugging riffs on this one.

The eponymous track "Fog Giant" keeps the barge of destruction sailing towards its destruction. I gotta say, I love it when a band has a song using the name of the band as the title! This one is certified dark and sinister. 

"Riff Wizard" is the pre-release track which you can listen to right now on Bandcamp, and if you dig it, then you are going to want to hear the full album at its release on Halloween.

The album ends with a cover of Uriah Heep's "Rainbow Demon" that delivers vocals on par with the original. Well done!

Fog Giant EP delivers 5 tracks and nearly 30 minutes of sabbath worship, and that's more than enough to set the mood at your Halloween party. 

The album is available for pre-order now on Bandcamp at with the full release on Halloween. Be sure to check out the CD, too!

Fuzzy's Favorite: Toss-up between "Riff Wizard" and "Rainbow Demon" but this whole beast is excellent, so just hit PLAY at the start and let it play on repeat. 

Fog Giant band is from Erie, PA with members: 

  • Andrew Vickery - vocals, guitar
  • Steve Anthony - guitar
  • Matt Barthelmes - bass
  • Zach Hudock - drums

From the band: 

We're a stoner-doom quartet from Erie, Pennsylvania, and I feel like it's pretty solidly in your wheelhouse; heavy, smoke-filled riffs, walls of citrus-flavored amplifiers, cautionary tales of psychedelics and wizards.

Follow FOG GIANT on Bandcamp at and check out the CD, too.

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SPACELORD "False Dawn" stoner rock full release on Nov. 5

SPACELORD "False Dawn" stoner rock full release on Nov. 5

SPACELORD drops their new album "False Dawn" on November 5, and you can catch a few of the tracks right now on Bandcamp. This duo from New York will blow your mind with their unique blend of desert rock and heavy psych. A lot of time and effort went into these songs, and the result is an album full of heavy riffs and mellow melodies. Listen to the pre-release tracks from Spacelord's "False Dawn" on Bandcamp:

Spacelord is a band that takes the best of my favorite bands and rolls them into one killer album. One track has me thinking, "Yea this would have been a killer Zeppelin tune" and then the next has me wishing Soundgarden had never broken up. Don't get me wrong -- I'm definitely NOT saying that there is anything derivative here. Spacelord's songs are inspired by the same music that all of us love, and the result is original and amazing. Some of the songs are heavier, some are slower, and all of them are killer stoner tunes. There have been a lot of great releases these past few months, and Spacelord's "False Dawn" is definitely among the best of them!

The full album release is on November 5 and is available for pre-order now at

From the band: 
False Dawn draws together the band's many influences, from 70s acid rock like Zeppelin and Sabbath to the dark, heavy sound of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. "Some of the music was written in the days and weeks that followed the death of my brother, while some others were concepts I had wanted to explore for a long while," said guitarist Rich Root. "We're taking the personal impressions of all of our influences and amalgamating them into something that makes us feel like the music we love makes us feel."
I asked the band to tell me about the cover art (which I find to be amazing!) and here's what they told me: 
We kicked around a bunch of art direction ideas, but we didn't have a clear vision, we were just looking for something that might inspire us. There were several artists we considered working with, and we found some amazing museum photography of ancient artifacts that might have worked. In the meantime, I was messing around with this program called Artbreeder. Artbreeder uses something called a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to "learn" what different types of images should look like, and which ones look best. Users then collaborate with the program by setting the parameters or mixing different images or types of images together. It has an album art setting, which is what gave me the idea to go in this direction. There were some promising images from our early experiments (I've attached an example here),
Early version of the album cover by Artbreeder
but the problem is, Artbreeder knows albums have word-like shapes on the covers. But it doesn't know what words actually are, so when it generates album art it creates these weird cryptoglyphs in place of the band name and album title. We'd have to either incorporate them into our concept or just put our text over them. In the end we weren't happy with what we got out of the program. Then I started playing with Artbreeder's landscape setting. By going through several iterations, it started to learn what kind of fantastical, surreal visions I liked best. When we got this one, it was instantly clear we had a winner. So this album cover is actually a crop of a wider landscape. There's also an alternate version of it that could serve as the back cover if we're ever able to do a vinyl run of False Dawn.
Spacelord is from New York with members 
  • Vocals, guitar: Ed Grabianowski 
  • Guitars, bass, drum conjuring: Rich Root
Follow SPACELORD on Bandcamp at 

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KENTUCKY GREEN Southern rock debut album "Galactic Acid"

KENTUCKY GREEN Southern rock debut album "Galactic Acid"

Fuzzy missed a great release from earlier this year, so let's catch up with KENTUCKY GREEN and their debut album "Galactic Acid". These guys sound straight out of 70s Alabama (or should I say, Kentucky?), despite actually be from Australia. Heavy riffs, killer vocals, epic drumming, and over 50 minutes of high octane music. Listen to Galactic Acid by Kentucky Green on Bandcamp:

Kentucky Green really grooves in a tight formation, so I'm guessing they've played together a lot since their formation in 2019.  When a band plays together this well, it's not really necessary to point out any member in particular, but I gotta say, some of the guitar solos are just epic, and the drumming on here is completely badass. 

Part of the success of this album lies in its recording. It was recorded live, and with great production quality, so we get the energy of a live performance without compromising the sound. 

Did I already mention is album clocks in at 50 minutes? And it's totally solid throughout. With this many songs, any band would be forgiven for having a few weaker tracks, but Kentucky Green deliver the goods every time. 

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Judas Goat" captures the band's heavy rocking sound, guitar solos, and inspired drum work. 

From the band: 

Kentucky Green are a Brisbane based three-piece rock band formed in 2019. Alternately described as "Stoner Blues" and "Doom Prog", we combine the de-tuned riffage of Kyuss and Sleep with the 70's rock of Sabbath, Budgie and Mountain and add a dash of Rush/Yes prog rock to create our own blistering musical stew. 

Follow KENTUCKY GREEN band on Bandcamp at and check out their CD, too. 

Watch Kentucky Green's videos on YouTube at

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Fuzzy's FREE Promotion Package for Bandcamp

Fuzzy's FREE Promotion Package for Bandcamp

Team up with Fuzzy Cracklins to get more fans listening to your recently released or upcoming album on Bandcamp. Fuzzy has over 2000 followers on Bandcamp and 3 years of experience with Bandcamp promotion, and together with The Swamp Krewe we can make sure your band's music gets the attention it deserves! 


What bands will benefit from Fuzzy's FREE Promotion Package for Bandcamp?

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Is this the right promotion package for every band?

Fuzzy's fans and contacts are in the heavy underground scene which includes stoner, doom, psych, and also prog and space rock. Send your music to Fuzzy and we'll figure out if my free promotion package is a good fit for your band's music.

What can my band expect to gain from Fuzzy's Free Promotion Package?

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What exactly does my band get?

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7. Advice and suggestions from Fuzzy. I have nearly 40 bands on my label and have been at the forefront of Bandcamp marketing for over 3 years. 

How much does all of this cost?

NOTHING. It's free. (You will need to spend $6 to create 200 new codes if you've already used up your 200 free Bandcamp codes.)

What??? How can all this be free?

We're both getting something out of this. Your band gains new fans & exposure from Fuzzy's promotion, and Fuzzy's subscribers in The Swamp Krewe get to hear new music and follow new bands.

What does my band need to do?

Send a link to your pre-release or released music (and band info) to Fuzzy at If we decide to go ahead with a free promotion package, then you'll send me additional info about the band and 200 Bandcamp codes to the album we're going to promote. 

Why the focus on Bandcamp? Why not include Spotify playlists and other digital platforms?

Bands gain real fans who buy merch on Bandcamp. Simple as that. (It won't hurt for your band to submit your music to Spotify and the other digital platforms, and you can use a free service to do it for you such as Sepulchral Silence or a low-cost service such as DistroKid.)

What if my band's album has already been released? Is it too late to promote it?

Not necessarily. Contact Fuzzy with your music and we'll discuss the right promotion. 

What about merch? CDs? Vinyls? Show promotion?

Those are all great. Let's get your fan base built up, and then your merch & other ventures will be more successful. Fuzzy's free promotion package will focus on your digital on Bandcamp, and if you have merch attached to your album page then it will automatically gain exposure, too. If you have a CD, we can discuss doing a giveaway or other special promotion for it. 

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What's in stock at The Swamp Records


The Swamp Records


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  • December - ZODIAC RIPPERS "Tales From The Old Spell" (with 2 bonus tracks) stoner punk

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FROGLORD - "The Mystic Toad" - Doom Charts in August 2021

WILLOW ASH "Hypnagogia" stoner metal - Doom Charts in December 2020

WATCHMAN "Doom of Babylon" stoner doom

GREEN HOG "Devil's Luck" and "Dogs From Hell" stoner metal

THUNDER VOLT "Wanted Man" grunge

JERICO - "Trip To Death and Back" psych rock

TAUBNERNAUT "Escalating Fetishist" with BONUS CD

GRAVE DISGRACE "Rest In Peace" classic doom

3DEMONS "Upala / Desierto Cosmico" double EP

Saturday, September 4, 2021

HOPE HOLE debut album "Death Can Change"

HOPE HOLE debut album "Death Can Change"
Album artwork by Jason T. Ward

HOPE HOLE lays down the heavy rock riffs and rough vocals with an undercurrent of joyful nihilism that Fuzzy really digs. Hope Hole isn't afraid to chuck around a little acoustic guitar, some keys, and epic solos as the mood fits them. "Anything to keep things ominous" seems to be the band's motto. Or as the band says, "Goth-infected doom metal from the heartland, USA." I'm surprised how catchy the riffs are on this album, and the start-to-finish quality means this will get a lot of repeated plays. Any fan of 70s rock anthems such as Meatloaf or Rocky Horror are going to absolutely love Hope Hole. And you get a cover of The Cure to top things off. Listen to "Death Can Change" from Hope Hole on Bandcamp: 

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Death Can Change" because I can't resist a good sample, and this song is just a catchy as the rest (and maybe "Hallucinating You" is the catchiest of them all). 

Hope Hole is the duo of Matt Snyder and Mike Mullholand from Toledo, Ohio. 

From the band: 

Hope Hole was created during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Matt wrote some songs, and Mike's leads and keys made them better

Follow the band's news and grab the CD on their Bandcamp page at 

If you dig the dark tone of Hope Hole, be sure to check out The Swamp's GALLERY OF GHOULS and EPIDURAL

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