Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Bretus "Aion Tetra" heavy horror metal

Bretus "Aion Tetra" Italian doom metal
Bretus "Aion Tetra" Italian doom metal
BRETUS aims to deliver music fitting for a 70s horror movie, and they deliver that (and more) with heavy riffs and atmospheric effects on "Aion Tetra". This band has been around a while and puts their experience to use with a album full of heavy metal fit for any midnight ritual in a foggy graveyard. Listen to Bretus "Aion Tetra" --

"Priests of Chaos" starts slow with the effects setting the mood, and then the song drops in a killer riff and clean vocals. All the songs on the album are solid like this. "Prisoner of the Night" is flat out heavy metal. The good kind. A real ripper. "Aion Tetra" is surprisingly short for a title track. "Deep Space Voodoo" gets back to the slow and heavy. Has a real taste of symphonic doom. Real good.

"Mark of Evil" is back towards heavy metal. Again, really high energy and a good song. You'll notice the tracks are alternating between heavy metal and the more atmospheric & symphonic.

"Cosmic Crow" has a well-deserved video on YouTube -- check it out! This single really hits the core of Bretus' sound -- heavy metal with atmospherics and symphonics.

"Fields of Mars" is short but very doom and dark (great track) and "City of Frost" anchors the album with yet another killer dark track.

Overall, I really dig how heavy this album sounds, while delivering on the haunting atmospherics and effects. Need an album for Halloween? Or why not any day of the year? Look no further than Aion Tetra from Bretus.

Bretus is:
Ghenes (High/Low Guitars and Fx),
Zagarus (Vox),
Janos (Bass),
Striges (Drums)
From the band:
Doom band from Italy founded in 2000.
Their inspirations are: Old horror movies, H.P. Lovecraft, mysticism and 70's music.