Thursday, October 10, 2019

Tętno Pulsu by LASTRYKO instrumental psych + synths = KILLER

Tętno Pulsu by LASTRYKO
Tętno Pulsu by LASTRYKO
So much great instrumental psych is landing in The Swamp lately! Just a few days ago we got to hear BILLY TSOUNIS and today it is Poland's LASTRYKO. The album is called "Tętno Pulsu" and has over 45 minutes of killer instrumental psychedelic music with synths added into the mix, and a touch of Krautrock to kick up the energy level. This band combines repetition with variation so keep the songs moving upward and into space. Have a listen to Tętno Pulsu by LASTRYKO:

The album starts off right with nearly ten minutes of "Jeden" which is spacey but not to fast or heavy. "Just right."

"Dwa" really gets moving and has some great solo guitar work. The bass line is heavy and fast, and this might be my favorite track on an album that has only great songs.

"Trzy" dials back the speed and delivers the most psychedelic song, with a couple more shorter songs before the album ends with "Sześć" getting back to the longer tracks. There is a not a weak or mediocre song on this album, and if you are a fan of instrumental psych then you will totally dig Tętno Pulsu by LASTRYKO. 

Lastryko is:
Wojciech Lacki - bass
Jacek Rezner - drums
Artur Bieszke - guitar
Maciej Szkudlarek - synthesizers

Lastryko on Bandcamp