Monday, September 16, 2019

MYSTERY DUDES debut stoner punk EP "First Blood"

MYSTERY DUDES debut stoner punk EP
MYSTERY DUDES debut stoner punk EP
MYSTERY DUDES are a stoner punk band who have arrived at the right place at the right time. The place? The stoner doom scene. The time? Right now, with many fans interested in hearing something fresh and that's exactly what Mystery Dudes deliver on their debut EP. It's got fuzzy heavy stoner doom, but it's faster and edgier with shorter songs like you get from punks. Check them out:

First Blood shoots right out of the gate with the instrumental banger, "Mathematrix." This is five solid minutes of energetic riffs with the fuzz and heavy sound to put the stoner into stoner punk. 

Next up is "Breaking the Rules" which has even more punk sound with the introduction of angry (but not too angry) vocals. The singing definitely fits the vibe of the music. 

In the middle is "Satan's Spawn." Great title. Kinda groovy in a grungy sorta way but the lyrics are punk-ass all the way.

Next to last is the instrumental protest song, "Instrumental Protest Song" which despite the name is perhaps the most mellow song on the EP. And it's about the longest punk song I've ever heard.

"Kill the Lightning" wraps it up fast and hot with fuzzy vocals.

It's no mystery -- you'll dig the Mystery Dudes. And if you like stoner punk, be sure to check out The Swamp's DEAD PANDA along with some other recent stoner punks I've reviewed including MOOZOONSII, BUZZARD CULT, and CAGED WOLVES

Mystery Dudes are from Norway and are:
Bjørnar Lien Roset - Guitar / Vocals
Rolf Bang - Bass
Ola Jørgen Kyrkjeeide - Drums 
From the band:
Mystery Dudes will melt your face of with their eclectic,
fuzzed out blend of stoner rock, punk and heavy psych.
Regardless of style, the sonic output is always heavy,
hypnotic and hits you in all the right places at once!
Hailing from the far out corners of Norway's wasteland,
the hard hitting power-trio made Oslo their home base.
There they cultivated heavy riffs and catchy tunes in their secret lair,
before unleashing the beast now known as Mystery Dudes!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

MOURNFUL CRIES debut doom metal album BAD TASTE

MOURNFUL CRIES debut doom metal album BAD TASTE
MOURNFUL CRIES debut doom metal album BAD TASTE
It's not often I get to connect with a band from Nor Cal so I'm excited to be telling you about MOURNFUL CRIES debut doom metal album BAD TASTE. This is 7 tracks of heavy fuzzy riffs from a band that has been together for a while, and you can hear their experience in the quality of the music and also across the entire album -- every track on here is a ripper. Check out BAD TASTE from Mournful Cries:

"Sea of Trees" starts things off right, and even it's track length is right: 4:20! Not overly long by doom standards, but all that matters is how the songs sound, and these sound good. This trio knows how to stay doom while keeping things moving at a brisk pace.

"Bad Taste" is not the longest track on the album, but its slow methodical riff makes it seem the most epic to me. Might be the best track on an album with only good songs. It's my favorite track even before the guitar solo kicks in, and it's a doozy. Just when things might veer into heavy psych territory, Mournful Cries piles on the doom to keep things solidly in the doom metal side of things.

Every good album needs an killer ending, and "Witches' Herbs" anchors this heavy album with nearly ten minutes of slowly building doom. A great finish.

Mournful Cries is:
Riff Finder/Vox: Luis Olguin
Bass Wizard: Matt Lasserre
Assault and Battery: Alex Hernandez
From the band:
Born under the haze of the witches' herbs. Started in the summer of 2015, Mournful Cries is a Doom/Heavy Metal band from Santa Rosa, Ca. Set out to conjure riffs inspired by slow and heavy music.

LEAFDRINKER new heavy psych album NOTHING GROWS dropped on Sept. 13

LEAFDRINKER new heavy psych album NOTHING GROWS
LEAFDRINKER new heavy psych album NOTHING GROWS
Art by Bill Nisenson
You already know I dig leafdrinker because they had a track on THE HEAVY SOUTH so I'm glad to report their new album dropped on September 13 and it carries on with their unique blend of heavy psych and stoner doom with a bit of Southern flair. "Carries on" is not quite right. "Explodes with" is more like it because this album takes their earlier music to a new level. This sounds like an album that took some time to get together, so check it out:

The album opens with "Settlers" which is from their earlier EP (I selected it for my Bandcamp compilation The Heavy South) so I'm glad to have it open the album. It's a great track.

Track #3 "Priestess" might be my favorite on the album. Slow and heavy, fuzzed out and spacey, this is a really solid track. I can imagine this one really moving things at their gigs.

Next up is "Demiurge" and that speeds things up right into grunge territory. Another solid song. You can see the pattern here right? There are only good songs on this album.

There is a great flow to Nothing Grows. I think it's especially important for psych albums to have a reason to want to hit PLAY and take the full ride all the way to the end. There's an ebb and flow to the pace of the songs and even with the vocals. Some songs are heavier on the singing, others have less, and "Bugs" is basically instrumental with a few howled phrases. And speaking of "Bugs" it might be my favorite track. (Wait, I already picked a favorite, so can I have 2?) For sure I dig the ominous heavy riff and the guitar solo a lot.

"No Other Way" ends the album and it's one of the most unique songs on the album, and very energetic. Maybe this is leafdrinker's way of saying, Go out and catch us at a gig. Not sure if the distortion jam at the end is included in their live show or not. I guess we'll have to catch them at one and find out.

From the band:
New Orleans Doom Bois taking influence from Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Mastodon, Boris, and OM.
leafdrinker plays a hefty number of shows this month, including Nashville, Memphis, Lafayette, Houma, and New Orleans.

Upcoming Shows:
9/16: New Orleans @ Gasa Gasa w/ Ole English and Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol
9/20: Nashville @ Cobra w/ Kanypshyn, Sydewynder and Wine Witch
9/21: Memphis @ The Hi Tone w/ Wine Witch and Geist
9/22: Lafayette @ Freetown Boom Boom Room w/ Kiva and Sexlord
9/23: Houma @ Intracoastal Club w/ TBA
10/5: New Orleans @ Venue TBD w/ Loro and Gools

So be sure and follow them to stay in touch:

Thursday, September 12, 2019

MOOZOONSII debut stoner groove metal EP is INCREDIBLE

MOOZOONSII debut stoner metal EP
MOOZOONSII debut stoner metal EP
Remember earlier this year when I reviewed a fantastic stoner metal album debut out of Argentina from LOW MACHINE? Here's the link. I love that album, and so does The Swamp Krewe. It is one of the most popular albums we have listened to this year. So when the drummer from Low Machine told me about his other band in France called MOOZOONSII and their new debut self-titled EP, you know I was on it. This has so many elements of my ideal album: instrumental, stoner, metal, and it plays with a consistent killer sound from the very start to the very end. Check out MOOZOONSII:

Each song is unique, yet there is a consistency across all 7 tracks which makes this play out in such a solid way that I have not listened to this yet without playing the entire EP. It's like somehow these songs all need to be played together. The high metal content of the songs connects them together with some kind of stoner magnetic force. Even the slower sections have enough energy to power the entire album.

There's a bit of a stoner punk vibe going on here. We've got 7 tracks clocking into 25 minutes. These are not epic 15 minute slow stoner songs. Moozoonsii comes in hot, moves fast, and melts your face. Then they move onto the next song and do it all over again.

Moozoonsii calls their sound groove metal and I agree!

There's not much point to single out any of the tracks. They are all fresh, explosive, and exactly how I like my stoner groove metal. I will point out Fœtality is incredible so if you only share one track with your friends, it is a good choice.

Moozoonsii is:
Basile Chiariello (guitar)
Raphael S-Drafo (bass)
Matthieu Bellemere (drums)
From the band:
Instrumental, big & groovy riffs, fast psych parts, quick structure changes.
The drummer and guitar player are also in OZMA so check them out on Bandcamp. Also instrumental with more a heavy metal sound. 

And remember to check out LOW MACHINE too! Another killer album with a more chill stoner sound compared to Moozoonsii.

Monday, September 9, 2019

CAGED WOLVES alternative stoner rock debut EP

CAGED WOLVES debut EP just dropped with 5 tracks of fuzzy, angry alternative stoner rock. The riffs are fast, the licks are nasty, and the vocals are pissed off. I dig it! Check out Caged Wolves:

Check out the angry lyrics and singing on "Majestic" to get an idea of how Caged Wolves pushes the edge of alternative stoner right into stoner punk. The guitars are pissed off too, with the solo straining to get its point across. After that, the singing goes back to a softer tone as if in defeat. Man this is a really good song on a really good EP. Check these guys out!

You can also hear Caged Wolves on Spotify here.

Another thing I like about this band is that "alternative" for them means "edgy" rather than "shoegaze" and I would even describe them as stoner punks to someone who asked. Their sound is heavy and riffy but fast and angry at the same time, and if you dig them as much as I do, then you should also check out other recent stoner punk albums by bands such as Dead Panda and Mystery Dudes. You could even say there is some grunge going on here too. It's a great thing when a band has their own unique sound, and it has the sounds of many different styles of music. Right on!

And I have to point out, I don't hear a lot of new music coming out of Austria so that's really cool too. Dos Brujos and their non-stop thrash guitars are also from Austria so let's hope we hear more music from there.

Caged Wolves is:
Guitar/Vocals - Johnny Owl
Guitar - Stoner Elvis
Bass - Christian Sorko
Drums - cián
From the band:
Caged Wolves was founded in 2017 in Vienna. Under the motto "MORE FUZZ" the band draws its attention between rock songs and instrumental spherical melodies using the example of legends like Kyuss & Black Sabbath.
Caged Wolves has a show coming up on 12 September in Vienna so follow them to stay in touch:

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

BRASIL IN FUZZ 2019 now on Bandcamp

BRASIL IN FUZZ epic heavy music compilation drops in August

🇧🇷 BRASIL IN FUZZ 2019 com Fuzzy Cracklins e Fuzzrious em 31 agosto, com mais de 40 das músicas mais pesadas do underground brasileiro, incluindo muitas faixas novas e pré-lançadas.

BRASIL IN FUZZ 2019 será um lançamento apenas digital no Bandcamp em disponível para download gratuito (Name Your Price) para que o maior número possível de fãs possa ouvir essas bandas. Todas as doações são usadas para a promoção das bandas.

Para exemplos de compilações anteriores, por favor veja

Para participar desta compilação, entre em contato

Fuzzy Cracklins Presents é um selo do Bandcamp com oito bandas de todo o mundo.

Fuzzrious é uma promotora e revisora musical sediada em São Paulo.

Art by by Old Boy

🇬🇧 BRASIL IN FUZZ 2019 powered by Fuzzy Cracklins and Fuzzrious drops on August 31 with over 40 of the heaviest songs in the Brazilian underground, including many new and pre-release tracks.

BRASIL IN FUZZ 2019 will be a digital-only release on Bandcamp at available for free download (Name Your Price) so that as many fans as possible will be able to hear these bands. All donations are used for the promotion of the bands.

For examples of previous compilations, please see

To join this compilation, please contact

Fuzzy Cracklins Presents is a Bandcamp label with eight bands from around the world.

Fuzzrious is a music promoter and reviewer based in São Paulo.

Art by by Old Boy

Sunday, September 1, 2019

MISLEADING instrumental doom psych debut

MISLEADING S/T instrumental doom psych
MISLEADING S/T instrumental doom psych
"Instrumental" and "Doom" are two words which when combined into a single phrase "Instrumental Doom" stop me right in my tracks. And then add some heavy psych to that?? When I got an email from MISLEADING about their debut album, I went straight to their Bandcamp page for a listen. When I noticed the album time clocks in around 45 minutes, that really sealed it for me. And sure enough, this band delivers a mind-blowing heavy doom psych experience. Thick, slow as it wants to be but more than able to kick up the tempo any fucking time they like, and enough guitar solos to please any heavy psych fan. Check out MISLEADING S/T:

One thing that is great about "Misleading Self-Titled" is the way it gladly embraces its heavy psych sound with its breaks in tempo and killer guitar solos, but doesn't end up getting into prog. (Don't get me wrong; I love progressive metal too, but it doesn't belong on this album.)

A great example where Misleading keeps the doom heavy but lets the guitar take off into outer space is around the 7 minute mark on "Karmemoto" where you need to buckle in and prepare for a hyperspace jump. And a killer sample on top of that? It's almost too much for an old gator like me.

As I said, this clocks at around the length of a killer vinyl, and it has the balanced sound you would love to hear on a record. There's a ebb and flow to the doom, and pacing to the psychedelic guitar work that make this a killer album to listen to straight through in a single session.

Spend a buck (or more!) when you download this album on Bandcamp so you'll get the bonus track. Right on! It's just as killer as the rest of the songs, but it puts the album way past being able to fit onto a vinyl.

From the band:
We'd like to introduce you our instrumental heavy psychedelic rock, doomy, raw and freaky. Featuring members of Shades, SHC and Canens Carcer, the trio Misleading was born from the ashes of doom to hypnotize with wild psych fights, walls of sonic noise and tempestuous heaviness.
Check out the video for "Portal Visions" --

I have been hearing more and more great music from Portugal lately. Also check out The Black Wizards.

SCARECROW haunts you with symphonic doom on Sept. 1

SCARECROW is a 4-piece symphonic doom band from Russia with its debut self-titled album dropping on September 13, and a 3-track demo you can get free on Bandcamp on September 1. This is full-blow, high-production music, too. A few seconds into this and you will feel like you are in a theater with a stage show about to begin. Heavy riffs with sound effects, harmonica, even flute -- and absolutely killer vocals. Get the free 3-track demo from their Bandcamp page on Sept. 1 to listen for yourself.  On September 13, they will drop a full self-titled album. It's absolutely epic!

Here's how Scarecrow describes how they make their sound:
It is full symphonic orchestra consisting of:
Sections of 1st, 2nd strings, violas, cellos, core basses and lead strings quartet: 1st, 2nd string, Lead Viola and Led Cello.
Woodwinds section is flutes, oboes and solo Cor Anglais.
Brass Section is solo tuba, sections of Horns, Trombones and Trumpets.
Orchestral percussion - gongs, cymbals and timpani
Also we used orchestral harp and cathedral organ.
In some parts we used some exotic percussion - boobams and darbukas I brought from Egypt and Tunisia.

Scarecrow is Artemis - vocals, harmonica and flute, Elijah - Bass Guitar, Vadim - Drums and percussion, and Den - Guitar.

Here's a little backstory for Scarecrow from the band:
We are from Perm City (Russia) it is a province, and there is just a endless swamps, moors and forests for many miles around.
Swamps!! Right on!!
It's very distant, gloomy and cold places (in winter, the temperature can drop to - 40) with many ancient, pagan traditions and bloody history of Christianity. Whether we like it or not, this whole atmosphere is reflected in our music.

Musically, we are brought up with classical British Heavy Rock of late 60s and early 70s
(our sound producer from Ritual Sound (Darlington, UK), in jest, described our music as "Led Zeppelin meets ghost")) however we use many different influences - Blues, Jazz, Folk, Psychedelic and classical orchestral Music (we wanted to achieve the effect of an orchestra from Classic Old Horror Movie)
Be sure to follow Scarecrow to find out when the self-titled album drops on Sept. 13th:

Thursday, August 29, 2019

SPIRAL GURU drops the perfect space rock album "Void"

SPIRAL GURU is a band that blows you away when you hear them. How has this band escaped my attention before now? Catchy heavy riffs, generous amounts of psych, and absolutely unbelievable vocals. Spiral Guru's latest album "Void" has been out only a month and it's doing well on Bandcamp, and I completely understand its success. Listen for yourself:

This whole album is so strong that it just blows me away. There is a real progression to the songs, too. The first few tracks are very strong and heavy, then things get into more of a slower psychedelic area, and finally the last track "Holy Mountain" really bangs it to a big finish. I have discovered so many great bands while compiling BRASIL IN FUZZ and without hesitation I will say that Spiral Guru is one of my favorites. Mrs. Cracklins also digs them a lot and we have been playing "Void" for many of our Happy Hours.

Spiral Guru describes their sound as "heavy rock" and "space rock" and "psychedelic" and these are all part of their sound for sure. I would add "heavy psych" since that gets right to the heart of their sound.

Spiral Guro is:
Vocals - Andrea Ruocco
Guitar - Samuel Pedrosa
Bass - José Ribeiro
Drums - Alexandre H. G. Garcia
Check out the YouTube video for "Oracle" --

How I met Spiral Guru was when they contacted me about getting a song onto BRASIL IN FUZZ my new digital compilation featuring only bands from Brazil. Follow me on Bandcamp to get FIVE HOURS of killer heavy music from Brazil THIS SATURDAY!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

EMBER BRICK stoner doom demo "Flying Money Machine"

I love demo albums. A little bit of lo-fi sound doesn't bother me, and when it's doom, usually the lo-fi adds to the sound. So when EMBER BRICK got at me with their demo debut album "Flying Money Machine" there was no problem to give it a listen. There's plenty of heavy fuzz, powerful riffs, and great vocals to show off what Ember Brick brings to the stoner doom scene. Have a listen:

I dig all the tracks, and a few really stand out to me. "The Tyrant" is probably the slowest song on the demo album, with some very groovy solo guitar work, but it really gets going before it wraps up. For such a short song, it really packs an impact. "Soul Franchise" is another track that I really dig. There's no reason to skip around the playlist. "Flying Money Machine" delivers half an hour of stoner doom worth listening to. I'm looking for the studio version of the album coming up in 2020. 

From the band: 
Ember Brick is a stoner/doom and prog oriented band. Our work is heavily influenced by the work of Black Sabbath, Nirvana, UFO, King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP), amongst others. Formed by Gabriel Lima on vocals and guitar, Guilherme Marin on bass guitar and Gustavo Constenaro on drums, we all come from the same region of southern Brazil, close to Maringá, Paraná. In mid 2018 the three of us moved to a house (in which we still live in) that is 200ft from the University that we go to, where we managed an extra room, so we could have a rehearsal room. Than we worked on composing for most of 2018 and early 2019. We released the demo of our first album, Flying Money Machine, in early April of this year and started playing at the local scene of Maringá. We've play some great gigs since them, and got to work with some cool bands as well. We planning to release the studio version of Flying Money Machine on early 2020 and we're currently working on our second album right now. For concert dates, follow us on instagram at @emberbrick.

How I met these guys was when they contacted me about getting a song onto BRASIL IN FUZZ my new digital compilation featuring only bands from Brazil. Follow me on Bandcamp to get FIVE HOURS of killer heavy music from Brazil THIS SATURDAY!!

BUFFALO LECTER improvised stoner rock jams

It's no secret how much I love jams and improvised music (Dos Brujos, anyone?) so I am excited to share BUFFALO LECTER with you. This is a 3-piece instrumental improvisational jam band whose music can be described as experimental rock, but there are also sounds of psych, prog, stoner .... this band explores a lot of sonic territory. Take a listen to their debut EP:

I asked Buffalo Lecter to tell me about their band and their sound:
Buffalo Lecter, an instrumental rock trio based in Recife, Brazil, has been developing its repertoire since October 2017, taking advantage of the freedom that only independent music can provide, to work the sounds and explore the capacity of music. instrumental reflect landscapes, moods, feelings of the soul. 
With a rock'n roll of many influences, the trio did not adhere to the comfort of the ready-made formulas and made it in the laboratory to achieve the band's multifaceted sonority, an expression that can be defined as a kind of progressive, psychedelia, hard molotov cocktail. rock, stoner ... an incendiary chemistry that won't let you keep still!
Buffalo Lecter is Jadie Tavares on drums, Laio Orellana on guitar and Marcelo Duva on electric bass.

Stay in touch with Buffalo Lecter at:

How I met these guys was when they contacted me about getting a song onto BRASIL IN FUZZ my new digital compilation featuring only bands from Brazil. Follow me on Bandcamp to get FIVE HOURS of killer heavy music from Brazil THIS SATURDAY!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Spain's MAHARA debut album "The Gathering" lays down the doom

MAHARA debut album "The Gathering"
MAHARA debut album "The Gathering" 
You know the music is going to be killer when one of your bands suggests an album to you. One day last week I got a DM from Dos Brujos saying to check out the debut album from Barcelona doom band MAHARA. And all I can say is, Dos Brujos knows their doom! This album is so solid that it is a little dizzying to comprehend how it is a debut album. Check out "The Gathering" --

The album opens up very ominously. The tones are pure doom and the chants are nearly incomprehensible. And just as you are straining to hear the words, they drop the riff hammer on your vulnerable head and off we go for 45 minutes of pounding doom with haunting vocals.

"God's Requiem" is a little shorter than the opening track, but it kicks right in with a pretty fast riff. I really dig doom that keeps the tempo going nice and strong like this. Doom doesn't have to be funeral march. This song gets downright punchy at times.

The middle track "Wizard's Tower" slows things back down, amps up the chilling chants and necro noises, and delivers what is maybe the strongest riff on the album. Nothing but solid songs throughout.

"Merga" might be my favorite song, but really I am just splitting hairs here because every track on this album is pure gigantic doom riffage. Merga has sound effects and screams and howls laid over the top of the heavy thundering bass line which give it the sound of a haunted house dance party. I love that the riff is pretty fast, but never stops pounding your body and soul.

The title track "The Gathering" wraps up the album in epic style. It's long, it's heavy, and vocals are haunting throughout.

A little bio from the band:
MAHARA was born in 2018 in Sabadell, Barcelona by Marc R. (Drums), Pablo R. (Bass), Carles M. (Guitar), and Marta M. (Vocals).
We are influenced by Electric Wizard, Windhand, Mephistofeles, Messa, Weedeater...
The Gathering was recorded in one day at Estudio Aqueron with the help of Marcos from Ground.

"The Gathering" by Spain's MAHARA is 45 minutes of blissful, heavy, and entertaining doom. Dig it! Thanks again to Dos Brujos and be sure to follow Dos Brujos on Bandcamp to get the news on their upcoming CD!! Right on!

Follow Mahara at:

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

BUZZARD CULT grunge punk debut EP drops August 30

BUZZARD CULT will drop its self-titled and self-recorded DIY debut EP on August 30. This band hits a lot of sounds that I dig so much: grunge, punk vocals, Southern rock, and that heavy fuzzed-out sound that gave me my name. Don't let the DIY recording keep you away. This sounds great, and what's punk without some rough edges? Check out the lead single "No Turning Back" on Bandcamp:

I really dig a band that can master a few different sounds, and use them when needed to fit the song. "No Turning Back" is more of a punk song, but then next up is "Ill Scheming" which slows it down and veers into grunge territory. Then "You're to Blame" finds a middle ground and is pretty much a Southern heavy rocker. And so it goes for 6 tracks. All the songs are solid and if I have to pick a favorite, it would be "Night is Dark" which blends their different sounds into a fuzzed-out uptempo grunged-out rocker with a killer guitar solo.

Check out the video for "No Turning Back" --

BUZZARD CULT S/T EP will have 6 tracks and be released on August 30. Links below.

Buzzard Cult is from Atlanta with members Tyler Luker on Guitar and Lead Vox, Marcus Irick on drums, and Cody Landress-Gibson on Bass and Vox.

Follow Buzzard Cult to stay in the loop, and they've got shows lined up for the next few months so see them in you're in Atlanta or Chattanooga:

HEROD by o.d.r.a Blues + doom + sludge

HEROD by o.d.r.a
HEROD by o.d.r.a 
Blues + doom + sludge is a combination of tags that should have you running to hit that PLAY button. Heavy doom with a rough edge and bluesy riffs is what you get on the new album HEROD from Poland's o.d.r.a. Check it out:

Track 5 "Chuj To Kojo" might be the most bluesy track on the album, so jump there if you want to hear where these guys lay down the doom with blues riffs.

There is some really incredible guitar work going on here. "Derby Heroda" is probably my favorite song on the album, and it includes a totally wild guitar solo.

The vocals are sludge so either that's your thing or it isn't. I dig them and they fit the music perfectly. There's a pain and anguish and that's where the music is at so the singing is a good fit. And the singing is in Polish which sounds great to me with this music. There's a lo-fi fuzzed-out effect to the singing that adds even more strain and edginess.

I'm a huge fan of albums which have a sonic flow from start to finish, and HEROD is all over that. Some of the tracks even blend right into each other with only a cut for the track times. This album takes you on an aural journey through various levels of darkness and the album is like a book with the chapters all in the right order. I had to keep checking the album page to see that I was now listening to a new song.

o.d.r.a. is from Wrocław, Poland. Members are:
Hudy Byk - vocal
Kobi - guitar
Świta - bass
Ziółko - drums

Monday, August 19, 2019

Codex Tenebris by OLDD WVRMS delivers the dark instrumental doom

Codex Tenebris by OLDD WVRMS
Codex Tenebris by OLDD WVRMS
Codex Tenebris offers nearly an hour of instrumental doom with some post metal edginess. All the tracks are long, the riffs are heavy, and the atmosphere is dark throughout. There is a blend of experimental and industrial going on here that keeps the sound fresh and interesting and involving, without getting away from the heaviness that drives the whole album. I really dig this.

"A l'or, aux ombres et aux abîmes" is the 2nd track (and the shortest at just over seven minutes) and it offers some of the best guitar work of the album. The riff picks up and then slows down again to switch up the pace of the doom, and ends with a relentless pounding before finishing with atmospheric effects.

Dig the very atmospheric video for the lead single "Ténèbres":

The third track "Misère & Corde" might have the most post metal sound to it with plenty of breaks and changes in tempo, and when the guitar solo kicks in to deliver the darkness, it just fits right in. This isn't really the kind of album that lets itself drift into the background. It insists on keeping your attention and rewards you with a variety of dark sounds.

Next to last is "La vallée des tombes" which is the slowest song on the album without losing your interest or the edginess that you hear throughout the album.

"Fléau est son âme" finishes things off with an epic 15 minutes that starts slow and moody and works its way through everything Oldd Wvrms has to offer, and gives a spoken word chant on top of that. This band really delivers.

One of the tags on the album's Bandcamp page is "ritual ambient" and while I think these songs are a little heavy for ambient, there is something about that tag which really works for me. Here is how the band describes their sound:
« Fear is the price for imagination » : these words can describe the descent into the depths of this overwhelming instrumental landscape, drawing his inspiration from all things obscure... Feel the serpent crawl upon your flesh and embrace the haunting emptiness within.
Oli : Bass, Cho : DrumsBen : Guitar
Codex Tenebris by OLDD WVRMS is on Cursed Monk Records where you can grab the CD.

Cacería debut EP 2019 is 100% stoner hardcore from Chile

Chile should need no introduction in the world of stoner music but if "hardcore" has you wondering what is up, let's start off with how much I dig this debut album from Cacería. This is stoner metal that picks up the speed to boost it into hardcore and these guys deliver a heavy, fast album that blasts from the very start to the very end. The fast fuzzy guitar sound, the heavy bass, the non-stop gunfire of the drums, and it's all covered with touch vocals. Check out Cacería:

"Guillotina" starts off the EP with an all-instrumental kick in the face. This song starts fast, gets faster, and just rips from beginning to end.

"Comando" doesn't let up, except with a little break at the beginning to lay down a sample. I have no idea what is being said and who cares anyway? When this song gets going with its heavy riffing, you won't care either. And this is the song that starts in with the vocals and what a perfect match for the music. I'm not sure if "hardcore" can be applied to vocals, but the gritty heavy and near-screaming of the vocals is exactly what this music demands. This song also delivers a killer guitar solo.

"Deep Groove" delivers exactly what is claims to: a deep, heavy riff that speeds up without losing any of its brain-bruising heaviness.

"Paranoia" has my favorite guitar work on the album, and "Pantanal" might be my favorite track on the album (and with my favorite sample), but they are all solid and overall all this is a a great debut EP.

You get 5 tracks on this EP, and it wraps up in under 20 minutes, and I can tell you I have listened to this album many, many times over the past few months. I just set it on repeat and listen to it an hour at a time.

I dig Cacería so much that I invited them to lay down a track on my next 100% stoner comp and you will dig how heavy this album turned out! Follow me on Bandcamp to get the comp when it drops in early September!

Another band to check out if you dig South American hardcore is Halfaya from Argentina.

And follow Cacería at:

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Hunting Day by Psiconauta sludge metal

Hunting Day by Psiconauta
Hunting Day by Psiconauta
Man how I love it when a band I never heard of just shoots me an email and says, Hey check us out! and they are as good as sludge metal duo PSICONAUTA from Brazil. Their 2-track EP is HUNTING DAY with the first track in English and the second track in Portuguese. Both songs have the fuzzy heavy slow, relentless and unending sonic punishment that I love to hear. Check them out!

If you check out the Facebook page (link below) for Psiconauta, they will tell their influences include some familiar bands (Black Sabbath, Bongzilla) and also .... Muddy Waters! Hell yes! You can here the Chicago blues influence too, especially in Cabeça a Prêmio (Head to Award or Prize Head, get it?).

Hopefully these heavy fuzz masters will drop a track on my next comp, what do you think? BRASIL IN FUZZ drops at the end of the month and it is EPIC! Already over FIVE HOURS of heavy music only from Brazilian bands. Dig it right there.

You already know that Fuzzy loves sticks & strings duo bands, right? Cuz I made a whole comp of their songs earlier this year! Check out STICKS & STRINGS VOL. 1 on Bandcamp and it's FREE to stream or download! Right on!!

Sticks & Strings Vol. 1 music compilation on Bandcamp