Friday, May 24, 2019

NATURAL MORONS extreme pop energy and punk vocals

Extreme high-energy pop punk from Israel's NATURAL MORONS with lyrics way above the average. The vocals are delivered lo-fi with more than enough energy to satisfy the angriest listener, and the lyrics will take you all the way back to punk's roots. I dig the whole 12-track album and don't miss out on END LIFE TO NEW START with its heavy sound and killer guitar solo. And you will crack a smile when you hear WITH YOU. Check it out!

Natural Morons is the solo project of Mark with new members on the horizon before they hit the shows. (You all know how much I dig solo musicians -- after all LOUD & LONELY VOL. 1 is where everything got its start for me.)

BURN IDOL is the latest release from Natural Morons and according to Mark it owes a lot of its sound to a very special person in his life:

NATURAL MORONS can be heard on the usual places, and be sure to go and give them a FOLLOW over on Bandcamp where you can stay up to date with their music and news:

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

LOW MACHINE S/T debut album stoner synths

LOW MACHINE S/T debut album
LOW MACHINE S/T debut album
Debut album from LOW MACHINE is 45 solid minutes of instrumental and vocals stoner with layers of synths and effects giving it a taste of krautrock as they describe it. Each song has a slightly different sound with some going very heavy rock and others going a little doom. And a few great samples. Variety is a good thing when it works, and it works here. A welcome addition to the already amazing amount of music from The Heavy South America. If you are in a hurry then go straight to Fangio which is a really beautiful song with its mix of stoner and synths and fuzz, or check out Reset which showcases the variety of the vocals along with some very heavy fuzz.

Low Machine is Francisco Palavezzati (Guitar, voicing, synths, mixing and mastering), Joni Cabrera (guitars, bass), Matthieu Bellemere (drums).

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

SONIC SLOTH debut album is 50 minutes of prog doom psych you cannot miss

SONIC SLOTH debut album
SONIC SLOTH debut album
I first heard SONIC SLOTH more than 6 months ago when I bumped into them on Soundcloud and asked them to get at me when their debut album dropped. And here it is. UNREAL is the word to describe this instrumental psych album with some doom heaviness and also prog energy. What a great sound these guys have. And this ain't no EP -- this is FIFTY minutes of great music. Take a listen to SONIC SLOTH:

SONIC SLOTH is a trio from Hanau, Germany including Marco Rehwald (guitar), Daniel Schäfer (bass), and Malte Denecke (drums).

And that album cover is so great! It is by Jo Riou. Go hit their Bandcamp page and get the shirt! (and a CD too while you are there).

TREE OF RIFFS debut EP "THE BEGINNING" heavy Southern groove metal

THE BEGINNING is the debut EP from TREE OF RIFFS who you heard before as SPIRIT OF INDIGO the one-man heavy Southern rock unit. His new project moves his sound into a heavier direction but with the same great riffing you loved before. "Southern groove metal" is the way to describe TREE OF RIFFS and I really dig the variety of sounds within the five tracks of this EP with edgy aggressive vocals, and there is also a purely instrumental track.  Take a listen for yourself....

I loved this guy before (he's got a track on THE HEAVY SOUTH) and this sound is even heavier so of course I love this even more. The new debut EP just dropped so check it out, and also here is a little about TREE OF RIFFS:
I've put all of my heart, soul, and skills into making this awesome metal album that is new and original in a style that is my own, that I can only describe as true "21st century groove metal" paying homage to my favorite artist/albums while staying honest and true to my own style. 
I wanted to make an album that I myself would be stoked to hear/discover and I feel that I finally did this on this album! That being said, I am extremely proud of this album and I hope you love this debut album as much as I do!!!! 
If you followed my last solo project you know that I like to make an album that "flows" from start to finish, so please give this EP an honest chance (its just under 20 mins). 
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HAVEN TO A HEAVY SOUL by Kenya's REFUGE is heavy Southern rock

Heavy rock day continues here in The Swamp. REFUGE's debut album HAVEN TO A HEAVY SOUL delivers flat-out 70s style Southern heavy rock. Very heavy music from a such a young band, too! Check out the video for DOWN THERE and also you can hear the album on Spotify below. Don't miss the jam on the last track -- it's great! Band info below!

REFUGE is a band of six teenagers from around the world based out of Kenya. Here is more about them: 
REFUGE is a 6-person band of international teens based in Nairobi, Kenya. Their sound is high-energy, guitar-driven rock n’ roll with strong influences from the ‘70s greats of classic rock and blues.
The band’s youth and diversity is unmissable – members are 12 (singer) to 15 years old and they have roots in 7 countries and 4 continents. The lead guitarist and singer are also siblings.  All of the members come from parents that work in humanitarian aid and development, which is what brought them to Kenya in the first place. 
REFUGE started in late-2016 when Patrick (guitar), Gabe (drums) and Silas (guitar) would get together to jam at each other’s houses. It went better than expected during those early jam sessions, and the boys soon realized that they had the beginning of a band. Over time, they developed a very clear preference for the blues, classic rock, and improvisational jamming. That led to them expanding in order to bring in all the necessary elements to complete the band, eventually adding Ben on bass, Teresa on vocals, and Ike on piano/organ.
The band’s influences are broad but some of the artists they admire and learn from include Santana, Allman Brothers, Black Sabbath, Grateful Dead, Jethro Tull, Ten Years After, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and Blues greats such as Albert King, Elmore James and Buddy Guy.
Instagram @refuge_kenya
Facebook @PGSBrefuge
Twitter @REFUGE_kenya

RISE OF THE ASTROPHANT is the heavy riffing debut album from Germany's SLEEPING CHILD

Germany's SLEEPING CHILD's debut album RISE OF THE ASTROPHANT delivers on the promise of their 4-track EP from earlier this year, and goes even heavier with the riffs without giving up the stoner melodies. The beautiful vocals are still front and center, too. This is a super solid heavy rocker from start to finish. Love that album art, too. Listen below and also check out the video I did for HIGH RUNNER.

Friday, May 17, 2019

KAVOD delivers the meditative doom you need with their debut WHEEL OF TIME EP

The heavy music from Italy keeps dropping and I am glad for it. KAVOD's debut EP "THE WHEEL OF TIME" delivers the heavy psych in the form of meditative doom. This is music that is so heavy with its bass and riffs and repeating rhythms that it makes your mind start to ponder and think and meditate. Do you think that is possible for music to do? I can tell you I have seen it happen. Here in The Swamp, we listen to all of our bands (of which Kavod has recently joined us, and we are grateful!) and while we were listening to THE WHEEL OF TIME, the fair Mrs. Cracklins became very quiet. Her eyes become glassy with a far-away stare. Finally I realized what was happening! "Are you meditating?" I asked her. Her reply, "Why yes, this music has made think about a lot of things." And that is meditative doom, my friends. Continue past the jump to listen to KAVOD's meditative doom for yourself...

SANGUE S/T heavy doom with clean vocals

SANGUE S/T heavy doom
SANGUE S/T heavy doom
Heavy doom with clean vocals sounds great to me and you will also love the sound of SANGUE ("blood" in Italian) from their self-titled debut album. Take a listen after the jump....

HYPERVENOM instrumental doom metal debut album

Hypervenom instrumental doom metal debut album
Hypervenom instrumental doom metal debut album
I am very excited to announce HYPERVENOM has joined The Swamp with their heavy instrumental doom metal! Take a listen and watch their music video after the jump....

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Space Invaders by Casquetaria stoner rock from Brazil

Space Invaders by Casquetaria
Space Invaders by Casquetaria
The new single from Brazil's Casquetaria has landed and it is called appropriately enough SPACE INVADERS. Take a listen to this stoner rock trio from Brazil and add the single to your Bandcamp collection after the jump....

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Rusty Mullet WINE AND CHEESE blues punk EP drops May 24

Rusty Mullet blues punk trio
I put out a comp a few months ago called THE HEAVY SOUTH which was exactly what you think it was -- the best and the freshest and heaviest music from the South. And a few "South in Spirit" bands from across the Pond since Heavy and South are a sound not a city on a driver's license. Well today I am hear to tell you about Rusty Mullet and if I had known about them a few months ago I surely would have asked them to get involved with that. Better late than never, and even better than that, Rusty Mullet has a new album out very soon so hit the jump and let's take a listen to the lead single NUDE SADNESS.....

Friday, May 3, 2019

The Sun That Burned Too Long EP by Shy Lizard alternative rock from Wales

The Sun That Burned Too Long EP by Shy Lizard
The Sun That Burned Too Long EP by Shy Lizard
THE SUN THAT BURNED TOO LONG is the debut EP from alternative rock trio Shy Lizard from Swansea in South Wales, UK. It's full of catchy hooks delivered with grungy, crunchy guitar riffs and punchy drum work. Shy Lizard is all about clean, tight songs that swirl around with a taste of punk and garage without getting too far away from solid rock & roll songs. There is a nice variety of sounds even with just five tracks. Some get a little more distorted, some stay a little cleaner. The band is Ed, Cherie and Levi with Ed and Levi alternating on lead vocals like at their live shows. I really dig this EP so stream the music for yourself after the break....

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

FREE CODES for the new Heavy Hands "Lies and Half Truths" EP

 Heavy Hands "Lies and Half Truths" EP
 Heavy Hands "Lies and Half Truths" EP
Heavy Hands is one of the few bands that stays in heavy rotation during Happy Hour at the Cracklins Shack. Heavy rock with the right amount of psych and smooth vocals that keep the party going. So I'm to glad to report they dropped a new EP on 420! Take a listen to LIES AND HALF TRUTHS from Heavy Hands:

Don't believe that me and Mrs. Cracklins really dig Heavy Hands around the Cracklins Shack? Check out this complete drink sampler Mrs. C prepared to go along with their music (and yes, the drinks were suggested by the band -- head over here to read the drink recipes).

The Heavy Hands Medley by Mrs. Cracklins
The Heavy Hands Medley by Mrs. Cracklins
Heavy Hands is staying busy these days:
We've got a show this Friday (5/3) at the Dorchester Art Project. We are playing in Boston at Club Bohemia 6/13 and then the next day, which is Friday, we are going up to NYC to play at Muchmores. 6/29 we are back at the Midway Cafe. 7/19 we are playing a house show in Boston. 7/25 we'll be in Portland, Maine, more details to follow on that shortly. And we have at least one show in the works for August. More to follow!
Check out my review from Heavy Hand's debut EP "Heavy H&S" right here.

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LUNOSPHERE X fresh music compilation on Bandcamp

LUNOSPHERE X fresh music compilation on Bandcamp
LUNOSPHERE X fresh music compilation on Bandcamp

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DEAD BUTTONS live garage rock from Korea with band interview with Fuzzy Cracklins

DEAD BUTTONS live garage rock from Korea
DEAD BUTTONS 211218 (live) 
Listen to the guitar work on the latest EP from Dead Buttons (on "Witch" in particular) before you declare you are not a fan of live Korean psychedelic garage rock. Then go back and listen to the whole album. This is a live recording that captures the band's energy without sacrificing the sound quality. In true psychedelic form, the band includes keys and lays down an extended song at the end of the album. Even the notoriously picky Mrs. Cracklins digs Dead Buttons and we have been playing a lot of this album during Happy Hour.

I dig Dead Buttons so much I asked them to lay down a song on Lunosphere X my comp of fresh heavy underground music. Check them out on there along with a lot of other great bands!

Korean garage rock is new to me so I asked the band if they would answer a few questions.

Dead Buttons (Photo: Javier Puelpan)
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Hello to DEAD BUTTONS and thank you for taking the time to answer some questions! Please tell us how did your band get started, and who is in the band?
Hi, nice to talk to you. I’m Jihyun, guitar and vocals of the band Dead Buttons. I formed Dead Buttons in 2012 and we became current form recently, four of us now.
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Who is who on the album cover? [photo at the top of this post] and what instruments do they play?
The guy in the front is MJ, our bassist and I’m right behind him (in green hair). Left, she’s Goyang, the keyboardist and the right is Yeonsik on drums.
Jihyun, guitar and vocals (Photo: Javier Puelpan)
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Both of your albums on Bandcamp are live recordings. How do you get the sound quality to be so good?
Thank you. The first live album was recorded at Club Sharp and the second one was at Seng Gi Studio which are our local. Both of them are recorded during our live and thankfully the house engineer sent me the tracks and they were so good that we decided to release them. 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Do you have any plans for a studio album?
We’re working on two singles at the moment. After that we are going to start recording our new LP. 
MJ on bass (Photo: Javier Puelpan)
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Do you have any upcoming gigs or shows or festivals to play?
We’ll be playing at Peace Train Festival in June which takes place in DMZ. It must be mind blowing! And also there’s a meaningful charity show called ‘Punk Against Sexism’ in the same month.
Goyang on keyboard (Photo: Javier Puelpan)
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Tell us what the music scene is like in Seoul, and what are some of the other bands we should listen to.
The indie music scene in Seoul is not really huge but very intimate. There are so many good bands we’d recommend you to listen such as Billy Carter,  Slant, The Crawler, Jambinai and our favourite Hellivision and many more.
FUZZY CRACKLINS: When you pack for a long trip and you won't have Internet, what are the albums you put on your phone before you leave?
I would definitely put Black Sabbath ‘Paranoid’ and their self titled album on my iPhone. Oh and IDLES ‘Brutalism’, too. And here’s MJ’s list - Ravi shankar ‘The livingroom session’, Fuzz ‘Live in San Francisco’, The Roaring 420s ‘What is phych?’, Kikagaku Moyo ‘House in the tall grass’.
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Thank you for your time, and thanks for the music!

Yeonsik on drums (Photo: Javier Puelpan)

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FREE ALBUM for 420 🌿☀️ BLOOD MOON GOD from Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
BLOOD MOON GOD from Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
Celebrate 420 with this collection of NEW and new-to-you stoner songs! 



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Tripping Haze Ceremony stoner doom metal from Malaysia album review and band interview by Fuzzy Cracklins

🌿 Debut EP from Tripping Haze Ceremony drops on 4/20 🌿
Demo 2018 from Tripping Haze Ceremony might only have two tracks and a bonus, but just set it to play on repeat and you will enjoy it for hours. THC delivers exactly what you like in a stoner track: slow heavy riffs, fuzzed out vocals, choice samples, and some amazing guitar solos. Take a listen:

One thing about THC that sets them apart from a lot of other stoner bands is they bring in some really nice, clean guitar work towards the end of the song.

I like THC so much that you can find the song Night of Damned on my doom comp Opium Warlock's Dungeon of Darkness. Check it out! Here's a video I made with a clip from it:

And good news! THC has a new single EMPEROR OF DOOM coming out on 4/20! Follow THC over on Bandcamp to find out as soon as it drops. Click here for a sample of it or watch this video!

More good news! Tripping Haze Ceremony has taken the time to answer some questions, so here is the Fuzzy Cracklins band interview with them:

FUZZY CRACKLINS: Who is in the band? When did you start as a band?
THC started as one man back in 2017, it was me, Epulyard playing the guitar and vocal. Later me and our bassist, Sara worked out for our first demo without a drummer, we frequently changed our drummer. Slowly after our demo was released in 2018, we tried to find a drummer that could fill in the position, then we got my old friend, Lim as our drummer now.  
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Who are the influences on your music?
Influences on music obviously it is Black Sabbath, but I will say there’s many band that influence me to write my own song. Uncle Acid, Beastmaker, Electric Wizard, Church Of Misery, Orchid, Down, Elder, Belzebong, Mooner, Graveyard, there’s too much name to list down. We love 70s and heavy stuff like Pentagram, Witchfinder General, Flower Travellin Band, Fleetwood Mac, Blue Oyster Cult, Stone Axe, Blues Creation, and still the list will go endlessly. (laugh)
FUZZY CRACKLINS: What bands are you listening to right now?
I’m listening to Pink Floyd while writing this, ahaa they’re great man. Witch (2006) and Master Of Reality was played before that.
FUZZY CRACKLINS: How do you find out about new music? Friends? Bandcamp? Instagram? or where?
Basically we will look out for new music on the internet nowadays, but our family and friends do take part too in great music. Among the band itself, the people you meet at local gig here, they’re just great in music. We are still digging the old and new music, all kinds of genre but stoner doom for sure.
FUZZY CRACKLINS: What is the music scene like where you live? Where do you live?
We are from Selangor, Malaysia. It’s a city named Shah Alam (SAC All Day!). The music scene here is doing great, it grows day by day. Almost every weekend you can find a gig here, in Kuala Lumpur especially. It’s great to see them struggle for what they love to do, really.
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Does THC play gigs or have plans for upcoming shows?
We haven’t played our first gig yet, yeah we would love to play live shows, tour maybe! It would be great right? [Fuzzy says: Be sure to tell us when your first gig is and we'll get the word out!!]
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Do you have any plans for a debut album?
Definitely yes, we want to release a full length album. As for now, we will release an EP album first, in the nearest time hopefully. We’ll see how it goes. 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: When is your next single being released?
Our single, Emperor Of Doom will be released this 20th April 2019 digitally on Bandcamp and YouTube, so make sure you ready with your joint and smoke to the emperor!
FUZZY CRACKLINS: What else would you like to share with your fans?
We would like to say thank you for supporting us since day one, everyone who is involved both directly and indirectly when we make our music, thank you. Don’t forget to check out our demo album and new single “Emperor Of Doom” this coming 420 on our Bandcamp and Youtube!
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Thank you for your time!
You’re welcome, thank you Fuzzy. Cheers!


Bandcamp     :

Instagram      : @THCFuzz

YouTube:      : YouTube channel for THC

Email            :

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Velas Negras stoner doom album by Fulanno

Velas Negras stoner doom album by Fulanno
Velas Negras stoner doom album by Fulanno
I might never get out of this doom kick I am in right now. I guess once your feet get stuck in the sludge you can't pull them out. Stream and read the Fuzzy Cracklins' album review of the heavy doomy sludgy Velas Negras (Black Candles) from Argentina's Fulanno........

Wild Fuzz Trip stoner doom metal from Spain music review and band interview by Fuzzy Cracklins

Wild Fuzz Trip stoner doom metal from Spain
Wild Fuzz Trip stoner doom metal from Spain
What a special sonic treat there is for you today, my friends! Wild Fuzz Trip delivers only the very best instrumental stoner music, and it is all a part of their experimenting and reviewing of so many different pedals. First we will listen to some of their music and later keep going for the Fuzzy Cracklins band interview with Wild Fuzz Trip!

Take a listen to Mammoth Tower from their first EP Surreal Surroundings:

And now listen to Stonefly Echo from their most recent EP, Fuzznaut​)​)​):

One thing about Wild Fuzz Trip that sets them apart is they make music that you would call doom, but also they make psychedelic music, too. They ride right along the line between doom and psych. A track like Mammoth Tower has some psych elements to it, but it is more doom. But a track like Stonefly Echo has more psych guitar and effects.

And another thing about Wild Fuzz Trip are the PEDALS! So many pedals! We will get into that with the interview below, but you have to be sure to check them out on Instagram to follow all of their pedal reviews.

And now for the band interview!

FUZZY CRACKLINS: Hello Wild Fuzz Trip! Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions.
Hi dude! You're welcome. It's our pleasure :) 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Who is in Wild Fuzz Trip? Where are you guys at? When did you form?
We are just some friends playing music :) We are for the moment more of a music project than a band, we are from Spain and the drummer of our two first EPs is a good friend from Iceland, last year we decided to record our first two EPs that will be available soon on physical editions, we have some plans for the near future too :)
FUZZY CRACKLINS: With one of the members in another country, how do you record your songs?
We are friends and we are in constant contact, we send the music without drums and then he came here to Spain to record the drums and spend some days with us here too, this is what is all about, the wild adventure, the trip and of course to keep the Fuzz on! 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Which came first? The pedal & gear reviews, or the band?
Our passion is the music, to make new music, to make new songs is the most important, is true that we are pedals and gear nerds :) but of course still the music is the most important, in fact we didn't use more than five, seven pedals in this record, talking about this,  something that you will always find in our records is Matamp, Space Echo and Fuzz Pedals, normally StoneFly and Fuzzlord :)
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Tell your fans where they can follow your gear reviews?
You can follow us on Pedaltvchannel different social media; mostly on Instagram, Facebook and we have a YouTube account too only for the moment with our music uploaded but thinking to upload, and our hope is that we have enough time, high quality gear reviews soon..
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Does your testing and reviews of the gear influence your music and songwriting?
Yes sure! Some tones just inspire you to make music, we are big fans of Matamp and Sunn0))) but the bigger influence for us are other bands. We are also big fans of Sleep, OM, Somali Yacht Club, Samsara Blues Experiment, Mephistofeles...
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Your music has been on two of my comps, one was for doom and one was for psych! How is that possible one group can make music in both genres?
Yes we love so much that styles mix :) and even in a hard and heavy song we usually love to take a break to play some psych parts, this is our style, instrumental, long songs, total freedom, different parts, fuzzy riffs and psych parts of course :) 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Tell us about some bands you like who do not get enough attention as they deserve?
For sure some awesome bands that deserve more attention, already have but they are so good deserve more :) Brunt, Frozen Planet....1969, Kaiser, Smokewitch, Klandestin...
FUZZY CRACKLINS: What else would you like to tell your fans?
Just say thank you to all the people who support our music. Thank You.
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Thank you for your time, Wild Fuzz Trip! Stay heavy!
Thanks to you too. We can't wait too see more of your reviews and listen to your comps!

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