Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Rusty Mullet WINE AND CHEESE blues punk EP drops May 24

Rusty Mullet blues punk trio
I put out a comp a few months ago called THE HEAVY SOUTH which was exactly what you think it was -- the best and the freshest and heaviest music from the South. And a few "South in Spirit" bands from across the Pond since Heavy and South are a sound not a city on a driver's license. Well today I am hear to tell you about Rusty Mullet and if I had known about them a few months ago I surely would have asked them to get involved with that. Better late than never, and even better than that, Rusty Mullet has a new album out very soon so hit the jump and let's take a listen to the lead single NUDE SADNESS.....

Rusty Mullet is a blues punk trio from Boston. The new EP "Wine and Cheese" will be out in a few weeks with six tracks on it and they are all as good as NUDE SADNESS although with a variety of moods and sounds. I really love the heavy bass to keep the sound anchored with the drums reminding you where the "punk" in "blues punk" comes from. And the vocals.... just flat-out great singing which is sometimes more on the blues side on some songs, and more towards punk on others. Rusty Mullet has a fresh sound that is anchored in two established genres and the end result is a new EP you will want to check out. It drops later this month.

I dig all six of the tracks on the EP and in particular Gurrl shows how much punk energy the group can deliver, and the next track Strawberry Milkshake shows how slow, moody, and bluesy they can be.

John Frechette, AJ McLaren, and Sunny Faucher Boston's of Rusty Mullet 
Rusty Mullet was formed in 2016 by AJ McLaren (guitar/vocals) and John Frechette (bass) after a few lineup changes Sunny Faucher finally rounded up the line up on drums. The band spent its first two years recording 2 full length DIY albums, and gigging around the North East. Recently Rusty Mullet finished tracking their first studio recorded project Wine & Cheese and it is set for release May 24. The band is currently planning what will hopefully be its most extensive North East run for mid-August.
Rusty Mullet is a band with a great sound so keep track of them so you can find out when the new EP drops on May 24:

Photos by Mark Moreno, Hannah Sanvile, and Bryan Prendeville

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