Saturday, September 4, 2021

HOPE HOLE debut album "Death Can Change"

HOPE HOLE debut album "Death Can Change"
Album artwork by Jason T. Ward

HOPE HOLE lays down the heavy rock riffs and rough vocals with an undercurrent of joyful nihilism that Fuzzy really digs. Hope Hole isn't afraid to chuck around a little acoustic guitar, some keys, and epic solos as the mood fits them. "Anything to keep things ominous" seems to be the band's motto. Or as the band says, "Goth-infected doom metal from the heartland, USA." I'm surprised how catchy the riffs are on this album, and the start-to-finish quality means this will get a lot of repeated plays. Any fan of 70s rock anthems such as Meatloaf or Rocky Horror are going to absolutely love Hope Hole. And you get a cover of The Cure to top things off. Listen to "Death Can Change" from Hope Hole on Bandcamp: 

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Death Can Change" because I can't resist a good sample, and this song is just a catchy as the rest (and maybe "Hallucinating You" is the catchiest of them all). 

Hope Hole is the duo of Matt Snyder and Mike Mullholand from Toledo, Ohio. 

From the band: 

Hope Hole was created during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Matt wrote some songs, and Mike's leads and keys made them better

Follow the band's news and grab the CD on their Bandcamp page at 

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