Monday, October 21, 2019

STONE PRIEST new album PALLOR MORTIS on Oct. 30 is concept psych

Pallor Mortis from Stone Priest
Artist: Roan Bateman
Fuzzy's friends already know how much I dig heavy psych and psych rock (hello, THE LANCASTERS) so a few months ago when the super dude at HELMET LADY RECORDS got at me with a very early mix of the new STONE PRIEST album "Pallor Mortis" it was a real treat to preview it. Despite being an early mix, it was unmistakable that this was going to be a great album. So today when he hit me with the final album, there's no more wondering how the album turned out. UNREAL as we say in The Swamp. Have a listen to the two pre-release tracks (and check back Oct. 30 for the full album):

I'm not one to give spoilers, but I'll crib what's on the album page to say that this album was not intended to be a loose concept album about death. The band tells me that was not the intent in the beginning stages of writing and recording the songs, but tragedy struck and influenced the course of the album.

This album could have been pure instrumental, and with its heavy riffs and psychedelic keyboard action it would have been an enjoyable way to spend 40 minutes. But with the vocals ... this album is given that "extra something" which makes it stand out just that much more. The singing adds a depth to the experience while at the same time giving flight to the psychedelic riffs.

It's important to note that the rest of the tracks on this pre-release just as strong and good as the 2 pre-release tracks. Check out the full album on October 30.

STONE PRIEST is from Buffalo, New York and is:
Harold Pollinger - Keys, Vox
Shea Rayhn - Drums, Vox
Christopher Delmont - Guitar, B/U Vox
Larry Gartley - Bass
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