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PSYCHIC LEMON new album FREAK MAMMAL drops Nov. 8

PSYCHIC LEMON new album FREAK MAMMAL drops Nov. 8
PSYCHIC LEMON new album FREAK MAMMAL drops Nov. 8
I have loved the upbeat edgy instrumental psych sound of PSYCHIC LEMON for a while now, so when they sent me their upcoming album FREAK MAMMAL there was no doubt I was going to dig it. But even with high expectations, this album blows me away. You know how it is -- that thrill you feel when you realize a killer band has taken their sound up a few notches. Check out the lead single "White Light" available now:

(You can also download the single from Bandcamp on the Psychic Lemon site).

Ya can't miss the high energy Krautrock and prog flavors these guys bring to their music. "Krautfunk" as they call it.

How is the rest of the album that lands on 8 November? Just as killer. "Dark Matter" is longer at 10 minutes and begins, well, darker (and slower). A very cool slow burn leads up to the guitar start dropping the distortion, the keys kick in, and we're off.  "Seeds of Tranquility" is the longest song (over 13 minutes) which delivers enough music on its own that it could be the EP for another band, and is the most spaced-out song on the album. "Afrotropic Bomb" which is aptly named, it's very groovy and sets off an explosion. It blends so nicely into "Free Electron Collective" that I had to check my player to see I was into the next track. And finally, the lead single "White Light" anchors the album to finish things off in grand style.

FREAK MAMMAL is 47 minutes of pure pumped-up psychedelic power. Get on it! Follow Psychic Lemon on Bandcamp to get the word when the album drops on November 8, and check out their other social links below.

Psychic Lemon is out of the UK and its members are:
  • Andy Briston: Guitar, synths
  • Andy Hibberd: Bass
  • Martin Law: Drums
From the band:
  • FFO: Hawkwind, Goat, Amon Düül II
  • LP 500 copies (300 on freaky green and black vinyl, 200 on transparent green vinyl)
  • Label: Drone Rock Records

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