Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Psych rock "135" by Andrea Van Cleef

When not singing and playing with stoner rock HUMULUS, Andrea Van Cleef stays busy with his solo project. His latest effort is "135" and it takes his sound more into the direction of blues, and even a little funk (or has he describes, Afrobeat). The result is an album you would love to hear at a club where you might choose to get up and boogie or just hang at the bar with your friends. (Well, someday when we can get get back into clubs, anyway.) Check out "135" by Andrea Van Cleef: 

"135" blasts off with a catchy riff, keys, and the instructions to "you better run like a motherfucker" which sets the tone for this set of 6 heavy rock tunes infused with blues and psych. The album alternates between original songs and covers of Pink Floyd ("Obscured By Clouds"), Bo Diddley ("Bo Diddley") and Dr. John ("Black Widow Spider"). Andrea Van Cleef makes them his own, and they mix seamlessly with his original songs. Very cool to hear these songs done in a stoner psych style while showing off their blues and psych roots, and Van Cleef's pleasing singing style.

Fuzzy's favorite: "Coyote" or maybe the mostly instrumental "Obscured By Clouds" but there isn't a mediocre track on this album.

Man this is a super solid stoner psych rock album. It starts off good and just gets hotter and heavier as it goes, so be sure to give the whole album a spin. 

Watch the video for "Run Like a Motherfucker" on YouTube:

Be sure to check out the 3-vinyl 7" box set with USB drive stick over on the Bandcamp page, and follow the band for more news. 

From Andrea Van Cleef band:
Andrea Van Cleef was born in a small town near Northern Italy alps.

After spending his post-teenage years doing various jobs (painter, driver, delivery guy, some modeling…) and playing guitar and bass guitar in different garage punk outfits, he founds his first real band in the early 2000s, the dark alt-rockers Bogartz. He starts singing because nobody in the band wants to sing, and he hasn't stopped ever since.

He is mostly known in the European “stoner rock” scene as singer and guitar player for HUMULUS.
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