Thursday, October 17, 2019

Vol. 3 is another great heavy, grungy doom album from MÃES MORRENDO

MÃES MORRENDO ("Mothers Dying" in Portuguese) is the mostly one-man project that has delivered no less than three albums just this year (on top of his work with DIRTY GRAVE). VOL. 3 just dropped today, and it is the same type of killer heavy, grungy doom that he delivered with the first two albums. The grunge element keeps the songs on a faster face than most doom albums, but there's no escaping the heavy sense of absolute dread and despair that oozes out of every song, especially with the haunting vocals. Check out VOL. 3 by MÃES MORRENDO:

Mães Morrendo is mostly the one-man project by Mark along with a few guest players and singers. 

Mark's other project is DIRTY GRAVE and you want to check that out too.  Dirty Grave also has a new song on Brasil in Fuzz my comp with 58 bands all from Brazil.