Friday, May 28, 2021

Psych rock debut EP from FAIRYPORT CONVENT


It's official -- there's a lot of great psych rock coming out of Poland these days! Readers of this blog already know Fuzzy digs JAMES BUTTON BAND, and today I'm listening to the debut EP from FAIRYPORT CONVENT. This band covers a lot of psychedelic territory, with vibes from 60s psychedelia, 70s space rock, and even venturing into the fringes of industrial and Krautrock. Listen FAIRYPORT CONVENT on Bandcamp and read Fuzzy's review after the jump:

Monday, May 24, 2021

SOLO BANDS -- submit by June 15 for Loud & Lonely vol. 2


Loud & Lonely vol. 2
Cover art by The Electric Stoner

SOLO BANDS!! Get your song on Volume 2 of the Bandcamp compilation that is in almost 500 fan collections.

Major solo bands are already lined up with pre-release music which you'll hear for the first time here, and all one-person bands are welcome to join us. Let's make this epic!! Stoner, psych, doom, rock, metal, all solo bands are encouraged to get on here. More details after the break....

Thursday, May 6, 2021

How (and WHY) to send out download codes on Bandcamp

TLDR; Send free download codes to reviewers and super fans to quickly get the word out on your music. Here's how!
This post is for all the bands out there who are trying to get the word out on their music. Well, that should be EVERY band regardless of their size, but especially new underground bands who don't have a label and a PR company and all that. Bands have to get things done for themselves. All the details after the jump break!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Heavy psych debut "GLöD"


Heavy psych debut "GLöD"

With so much amazing music in the Underground, it can be a challenge for a new band to break into the scene with a sound that is fresh and unique, while still appealing to the heavy riff lovers. The debut EP from Sweden's GLöD ("glow") certainly fits the bill for a unique (and killer) sound. Take your favorite hard rock riff from the 70s, add a dash of your most beloved 80s heavy metal, run it through a 90s grunge playlist, and fine-tune the whole thing with the modern stoner and heavy psych scene. The result is one badass album. Listen to GLöD on Bandcamp: 

"Cyanide Nights" rips it open but things only get heavier with "Reign of Fear." GLöD pulls no punches, piling equal parts fuzz and wah wah pedal to support the gritty vocals. (It's important to point out that each member of the band is a vet from previous bands, which helps to explain how GLöD is able to burst out with such a brutal debut.)

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Vintern 1867" in part because I always prefer longer tracks which give each instrument some solo time to shine, but mostly because it's riff ends with a mind-hammer that is superb in its relentlessness. And also it's got a title ("Winter 1867") which seems to be based on the severe famine in Northern Sweden in 1867:äxtåren_1867–1869

Heavy psych debut "GLöD"

The Swamp's heavy psych music compilation curator SARGENT SIGNALS says, 

What we have RIGHT HERE is the finest example of Heavy Psych/Desert Rock done up Hellhammer/Celtic Frost/St Vitus style that I have heard in a LOOONG TIME...

So YOU KNOW what to DO... Put DOWN The BONG And PICK THIS UP!!!

Heavy psych debut "GLöD"

GLöD hails from Sweden with members: 

  • ANDERS LUNDIN: Guit, Vox (ex Makabert Fynd)
  • MATHIAS ÖJERMARK: Bass, Keys (ex Obrero, Natthimlen)
  • JOSHUA ATLAS: Drums (ex Parakeets) 

From the band: 

Glöd is a three-piece stoner/psych/doom/metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. Josh (drums) had moved to Stockholm from his native NYC. He met Anders who had been involved with the underground hardcore punk scene for a long time. The two of them started to jam out some fuzzy stoner riff and went searching for a bass player. Mathias was found and the lineup was complete. Not long after its formation the group entered D-beat studios in Uppsala, Sweden to record with sound wizard Janne Jutila. The resault is what you can now listen to at Glöd’s Bandcamp site. Hours of new material is just waiting to be recorded. Expect some pretty extreme sonic adventures...!

Right on!

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