Thursday, October 10, 2019

NYDEAF new doom stoner concept album COSMIC INFERNO with band interview

I have loved the super fuzzed doom stoner of NYDEAF since his debut EP last year when he dropped an exclusive pre-release track on my debut comp LOUD & LONELY VOL. 1. So you know I am excited about his new album, COSMIC INFERNO. Nydeaf has taken his cutting-edge sound even further this time and delivered an album that is as thematic as it is heavy.  Listen to COSMIC INFERNO:

I didn't realize until about half the way through the album, that the the samples were connected, and by the end of the album I realized they are telling the story of a space traveller on journey of cosmic proportions. And very doom, too.

The music does not let up anywhere on this album. Every track is heavy, spaced-out, and makes use of the samples to create a very unique and satisfying concept album.

Here's the video for "S5 0014 +81" --

Scroll down for my band interview with NYDEAF!

FUZZY: Where can we listen to your new album?

Basically everywhere you can find digital music !
Spotify, Amazon, youtube, Bandcamp, Deezer, and many many more!
[Fuzzy: Check out the links above!!]

FUZZY: You posted a great video for SONG NAME on YouTube (check it out here).
Can we expect more videos for the album?

Not at the moment, It takes times that I don't have for now but I'm working on it for at least two tracks!

FUZZY: I love how you use the samples, especially how they connect the songs together with a story arc. Where are they from?

This is indeed an effect to bound all the tracks together, Cosmic Inferno is a Concept Album following my first EP 'What in the Universe' which story is basically the beginning of journey through the stars, the album here introduces
another aspect, another dimension similar to hell but in the outer space where the protagonist dives into and meets a doomed underworld.
The samples come from many things, some films and a Documentary on dangers in our Universe available on youtube, I took the voice-over and add modulation to it, the films are Solomon Kane for the demons voice, and Constantine for
the hell atmospheres, and First Man for the space stuff, I also used samples from 'Beyond The Aquila Rift' episode from the Netflix show 'Love, Death and Robots' which I vividly recommand !

FUZZY: Sometimes you post your gear or new pedals on Instagram. Tell us about some of your rig that you are really into right now.
The whole rig actually, I play through an EVH 5153 50w on a 2x12 Hesu cab, it's very unusual for doom stoner, but it dooms incredibly well !
On my pedal board I have A Black ash Fuzz from EarthQuaker Devices for my dirt sound, I run it on the crunch channel of my amp with maxed gain for a crushing sound.  For modulation I have my Walrus audio sisters as I like to called them, the Arp 87 delay and Fathom reverb.

FUZZY: Tell us about your other band and projects? Any show dates to tell us about?
With Artifex we're in the middle of the recording process for our next EP, it's going incredibly well so far ! But we don't have any planned for the moment, we're focusing on the production.
Aside from Artifex, I just recently join a project for Doom/Stoner band based in Paris, we're still searching for a members
but its promising, stay tuned ! [FUZZY: Right on!!]

FUZZY: What are some other artists or bands that you are really into right now?

I listen to a lot of genres right now, not necessarily doom oriented but the firsts thing that comes to my mind is the last Shadow of Intent album 'Melancholy' a kind of melodic deathcore, really powerful ! Other than that i could list Monolord, Whitechapel, Rivers of Nihil, Erdve...

FUZZY: Thank you, Nydeaf!!