Saturday, October 26, 2019

CROW CRASH RADIO new album "ghostwaves" is killer stoner psych

I have enjoyed the instrumental psychedelic trio CROW CRASH RADIO for a while now, ever since they put a track on my PSYCHEDELIC CIRCUS compilation on Bandcamp earlier this year. This band includes one member playing theremin which is not only a rarity in any band, but is really the instrument that sounds more "psychedelic" to me than any other. It creates a haunting synth-like sound created without any physical contact from its player, and Crow Crash Radio uses it to such great effect that I am always glad to hear from the band when they have new music. Listen to the stream of Crow Crash Radio's "ghostwaves" on Bandcamp:

Crow Crash Radio gets a little heavier with this album, and "The Profane Twin" is a flat-out great stoner tune. Each song seems to give the focus over to one of the instruments, which gives each song a very unique sound compared to the others. The last track "It'll All Wash Away" is much closer to drone with long sections given over to the drums while the theremin and guitar work to create a drawn-out intoxicating hum. "ghostwaves" indeed!

Crow Crash Radio is out of Oakland CA and its members are: 
  • Brian Strang: guitar
  • Andrew Joron: theremin
  • Mark Pino: drums
From the band:
Crow Crash Radio pilots a flying saucer deep into the unconscious of American roots music, producing an ambience that is both dreamy and driving: a form of retro-futurist instrumental rock. Crow Crash Radio is both retro and futurist. Theremin-based, this instrumental trio play Cosmic American Music, filled with the shadows of American gospel, blues and the soulful drones of the Near East mysticism. The sound is both quiet and meditative but also driving and hypnotic, gently carrying their audiences into the mystery at the heart of universal musical roots.

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