Friday, March 4, 2022

Folk rock "Hell Is Other People" from duo THE FAIRGREEN BAND

Folk rock debut "Hell Is Other People" from THE FAIRGREEN BAND

Dig the new album "Hell Is Other People" from the UK's THE FAIRGREEN BAND. Lots and lots of catchy folk rock riffs with a fuzzy edge that I'm really enjoying. The duo of Paul Austin and Oli Mortham combine acoustic and electric guitars to deliver an ultra fresh collection of tunes. Great vocals, too. Listen to The Fairgreen Band on Bandcamp:

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Ruby Knows" captures The Fairgreen Band's unique take on folk rock. 

FFO: Crow Ballard, Willow Ash, Fairyport Convent. 

The Fairgreen Band is from Diss in Norfolk, UK with members:

  • Paul Austin - lead vocals, acoustic guitars, lyrics
  • Oli Mortham - electric guitars, bass guitar, backing vocals, drum programming, synths, keys 

Follow the band on Bandcamp at