Saturday, October 26, 2019

DIMETRODON debut "II" instrumental doom psych prog concept album

Fuzzy digs instrumental. Fuzzy digs doom. Fuzzy digs psych. Prog and synths work, too. And dragons and goblins. So when DIMETRODON dropped their debut album "II" on me, I was into giving it a listen. This is an instrumental tour through doom and heavy riffs with plenty of side trips through psych and prog. This trio includes synths as needed to lay down the effects, and the overall result is a really good album that has a great sonic flow to it. On top of that, the band says the songs make for a concept album about the battle of good and evil on the deserts of Mars. Have a listen to "II" from Dimetrodon:

If you are unfamiliar with concept albums (if so, immediately go check out CROW AND POE) they can run the gamut from the very specific (a story with lyrics) to the very loose (music to set the mood of an idea). "II" falls into the latter category. The song titles and the album notes are your only indications the tale takes place on the deserts of Mars and what action occurs there. But there is a flow to the album which lends itself to the theme, and anyway the music is really good, so let your imagination go where it will.  

From the band: 
“II” is an instrumental sci-fi barbarian concept album; sort of an escapist good vs evil story told through the lens of mid-70s proto-metal and flowery prog, with some krautrock, giallo film music, and atonal electronic influences thrown in for extra flavor. 
Dimetrodon is: 

  • Bass - Jim Lecheler
  • Synth and guitar - Ian McKinney
  • Drums - Rene Moncivais

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