Tuesday, October 15, 2019

URBAN GRAVEYARD debut EP is fuzzed-out dirty desert doom

URBAN GRAVEYARD debut EP is fuzzed-out dirty desert doom

I'm not sure where the desert is in The Netherlands, but URBAN GRAVEYARD found one for their fuzzed-out dirty desert doom debut EP. Only searing hot blowing sandstorms of fuzz on these tracks, along with rough vocals and some killer guitar solos. Toss in a couple of short instrumental tracks to boost the atmosphere and you've got a nice tidy EP that is heavy on the desert rock and stoner doom. Check out "Welcome to the Urban Graveyard" --

"21st Century Prostitute" is a fuzzed-out ripper. "Bloodmoon Rising" is slower and sludgier, and then things pick back up with "A Subtle Guide" and finish with "A58" which might be my favorite song on the EP. Very fuzzy, heavy, a little slow, and it just burns from beginning to end.

Check out the song times. We're getting an intro of spoken word & an instrumental interlude song between the longer vocal tracks. I dig it. These short tracks add atmosphere and mood and give the EP a little extra heft.

From the band:
Steaming Desertmetal / Stonerrock from the southwest polders of the Netherlands.

This debut EP really brings home the desert doom combo that I dig. Check out Urban Graveyard! and also check out their CD over on Bandcamp.