Wednesday, October 27, 2021

MELLOW BEAST "Invisible Wormhole" psych rock drops on Oct. 29

Psych rock fans have reason to celebrate with Friday's release of "Invisible Wormhole" from one of Fuzzy's favorite bands, MELLOW BEAST! Readers of my blog will remember my previous reviews of Mellow Beast's debut "Hyperion" and its coneptual follow-up "The Tale of Sir Gregory." Friday's release continues the with Mellow Beast's mastery of late 60s psychedelia, but begins a new story about what lurks in a wormhole behind the moon. And in terms of musical textures and variety, this has to be the band's best album yet (and that's saying something). Listen to "Invisible Wormhole" by Mellow Beast on Bandcamp (with the full album to be released October 29):  

At times serious and even a bit menacing, and at other times more playful, "Invisible Wormhole" takes the listener through a cosmic anomaly to visit with a mysterious presence. Although there is a concept and narrative which connects the songs, you don't need to follow the story to enjoy the songs. Each track stands on its own and offers its own unique flavor of psych rock. There's catchy riffs, flowery melodies, layered vocals -- it's everything that any fan of psych rock could want. In terms of musicianship, Mellow Beast has topped their previous albums and delivered their best concept album yet.

A very limited CD with lyric sheet is available at

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Colouring Forest" with its impish vocals and spaced-out guitars, and it drifts easily into the next track "Alien Princess". 

FFO: The Swamp's FAIRYPORT CONVENT, LOOT THE BODY, and anyone who loves THE SMALL FACES "Odgen's Nut Gone" and THE MOODY BLUES "Days of Future Passed."

MELLOW BEAST band is Paul Scott from Belfast, UK.  

From the band: 
With life on earth getting dull, a group of explorers decide to head to the stars only to find a wormhole lurking close by behind the moon. The album revolves around the creature that lurks within and what he has in mind for this group of travelers. 
Follow Mellow Beast on Bandcamp at to get the news on the full album release on October 29.

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