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UPDATED on Nov. 24, 2021

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** NEW ** TROMBA / BRAINSCANNER split -- stoner metal

** NEW ** SPACELORD "False Dawn" 70s-inspired hard rock with killer artwork & a mini game

** NEW ** DEEP VALLEY BLUES "III" stoner rock

** NEW ** CACTUS ROJO double EP on one CD "Myths of the Elders" and "Cosmonautas" stoner rock

** COMING SOON ** LADY LUNA AND THE DEVIL occult rock (The January selection of the Swamp Krewe CD of the Month)

** COMING SOON ** CLYDE VON KLAUS "Moonbeams" grunge rock

SWAMP SABBATH - Black Sabbath covers by the bands of The Swamp Records

LORDS OF THE NIGHT - All original music by the Bands of The Swamp Records

LUNAR SWAMP "Moonshine Blues" doom blues

GALLERY OF GHOULS "Satan's Sludge" horror metal

BRETUS "Magharia" horror doom with BONUS CD

ZODIAC RIPPERS "Tales From The Old Spell" (with 2 bonus tracks) stoner punk

GRAVE DISGRACE "Rest In Peace" classic doom

3DEMONS "Upala / Desierto Cosmico" double EP

WILLOW ASH "Hypnagogia" stoner metal - Doom Charts in December 2020

WATCHMAN "Doom of Babylon" stoner doom

GREEN HOG "Devil's Luck" and "Dogs From Hell" stoner metal

THUNDER VOLT "Wanted Man" grunge

JERICO - "Trip To Death and Back" psych rock

TAUBNERNAUT "Escalating Fetishist" with BONUS CD

** SOLD OUT ** FROGLORD - "The Mystic Toad" (First Edition) - Doom Charts in August 2021

** SOLD OUT ** LUNAR SWAMP - "UnderMudBlues" - Doom Charts in May 2020

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Stoner metal DREAMS OF MAYA "I" debut EP from Ukraine

Stoner metal DREAMS OF MAYA "I" debut EP from Ukraine

 Can't get enough instrumental stoner? Neither can Fuzzy! Dig the debut EP "I" from Ukraine by DREAMS OF MAYA. It leans a bit into stoner metal, the songs a little shorter than typical stoner doom, and I'm digging it a lot. The guitar solos are not to be missed! Listen to "I" from Dreams of Maya on Bandcamp: 

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Through the Desert" really blasts the riffs and is the longest track on the album.

Dreams of Maya band is from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Follow Dreams of Maya on Bandcamp at

Listen to Dreams of Maya "I" on YouTube:

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Satanic stoner metal "Quanaxhuato" from SANTO FUZZ

Satanic stoner metal "Quanaxhuato" from SANTO FUZZ

There's been so much great stoner metal from Mexico this year (check out The Swamp's CACTUS ROJO, ELECTRIC CULT, 3DEMONS, and VELJET) and released today is another album to add to the list: "Quanaxhuato" from SANTO FUZZ. This is nearly an hour of heavy psych with excellent guitar work, and especially the vocals stand out on this album. The vocals include singing, growls, background chants, and they are layered together to give support the heavy psych vibes. There is a slight lo-fi vibe to this recording, and that's a good thing. Listen to "Quanaxhuato" from Santo Fuzz on Bandcamp at:

Some of the highlights: heavy metal riffs on "El Truco," mind-bending vocals on "Usurero Del Baratillo", and simply satanic worship on the title track. 

Oh yea, you might have noticed all the vocals are in Spanish, which is perfect for this style of music.

Santo Fuzz band is from Guanajuato, Mexico. Santo Fuzz began as a one man band from September 4th 2020 to November 2021 formed by Agustín Ramírez, and now the band has two members with an anonymous man in the drums. 

From the band: 
Santo Fuzz is a Stoner Doom Metal & Occult Psychedelic Rock Band with regional mexican music influences that show horror folk stories, bad trips and classic terror movies of the "Cine de Oro Mexicano" in the lyrics. 

Hey did I already mention this album clocks in at nearly an hour? What are you waiting for? Grab a copy and follow the band on Bandcamp at

Listen to "Quanaxhuato" on YouTube: 

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Monday, November 15, 2021

MULE THROWER debut doom EP "Gluttoner" with band interview

"Gluttoner" is the debut EP from MULE THROWER, a new solo band from Jeff Gallagher. Short, sweet, and to the point -- a handful of tracks with some very catchy riffs, excellent vocals, and a dose of appropriate samples. "Gluttoner" ends too quickly but hopefully this is a taste of more to come from Mule Thrower -- and hopefully soon! Listen on Bandcamp:

Mule Thrower band is from Pennsylvania with Jeff Gallagher on vocals and guitar with Jason Lech drums. 

Interview with the band: 

FUZZY: Where did the band's name "Mule Thrower" come from?

MULE THROWER: The name came from looking at a playlist that had Tom Waits's "Get Behind the Mule" and Floor's "Slug Thrower"; the words mule and thrower caught my eye.

FUZZY: Were any mules harmed in the production of this album?

MULE THROWER: I do not encourage or condone the throwing of mules.

FUZZY: You've got a unique sound -- what have been your musical influences?

MULE THROWER: The main influences are Floor, Eyehategod, Unsane, Corrupted, and obscure Americana music.

FUZZY: Where did the album name "Gluttoner" come from?

MULE THROWER: The Gluttoner EP is thematically about the pill epidemic in America with sonic undertones and motifs of the Appalachian/Rust Belt areas it affects greatly.  It isn't meant to glorify; my aim was to create a cohesive piece that is both grim and crushing, like the problem itself. The concept also can be related to the quest for the heaviest possible sound that many of us in this genre chase. That too can be be gluttonous at times.

FUZZY: Thanks, man!

Follow Mule Thrower on Bandcamp at

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