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IRON RIDER is Wondering If You're In Hell By Now debut stoner doom blues EP

IRON RIDER is Wondering If You're In Hell By Now debut stoner doom blues EP
IRON RIDER is Wondering If You're In Hell By Now debut stoner doom blues EP
IRON RIDER is a doom blues outfit from Brooklyn with a debut EP out this summer. It can be a little tricky for some bands to get into the bluesier side of things without going all the way and ending up as a heavy Southern rocker band, but Iron Rider digs into the blues riffs while keeping things very doom. The songs are heavy, some are a little faster than others, and overall the EP has a great flow to it. Some of the songs have lyrics with vocals straight from Hell, and some are instrumental. I dig this sound and will be excited to hear when there is a full album from Iron Rider. Stream the debut EP from IRON RIDER "Wondering If You're In Hell By Now" for free from Bandcamp:

"Drifter" really gets into the rocking bluesy side of the band's sound, while the following track "An Old Low" gets into the slower side of the blues. Really great guitar work, too. "Bonfire" has a really heavy sound and is way more epic than it's short time would suggest. "Beg" uses the vocal effects to perfect use before another killer guitar solo kicks in. Man, this is a really good set of tracks!

Iron Rider is:

  • Mark Grillo - Guitar and Vocals
  • Michael Livathinopoulos - Drums
  • Julian Agneta - Bass Guitar and Keyboard
From the band: 
An old fashioned trashy bluesy doom band from New York.
Iron Rider is a three piece doom band mixing old and dirty delta blues rhythms with a touch of grunge while still being a solid tribute to the classic and timeless cult doom and psych bands of the 60's and 70's.
Needless to say, Iron Rider incorporates horror themes and personal experiences into their lyrics, artwork and music so that each album is themed, conceptual and story driven, starting with our first one Wondering If You're In Hell By Now.
Iron Rider's first show is November 9 in NYC so follow them on Bandcamp and Facebook to stay in the loop --

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