Friday, November 9, 2018

Dr Sludgelove's My Space Odyssey psychedelic album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

Dr Sludgelove's My Space Odyssey
Dr Sludgelove's My Space Odyssey
Does Fuzzy love a heavy song with a sample in it? Do gators bite? Hell, yes, I love a good sound clip. Here's my list of favorites. And here's Nydeaf's album review with one of the all-time great samples. And for "it's more of a sample than a song" you have to enjoy the electronic glory of doctea's Probe 7. So Fuzzy really has a treat for you today. Listen to the stream and read the full review of Dr Sludgelove's Space Odyssey fuzzy psychedelic album after the jump.......

This is album way beyond just music with some sound clips from the all-time greatest science fiction movie ever. It is more than an homage. It is music "inspired by" the movie. After listening to this album many times, I am pretty sure that the next time I watch 2001: A Space Odyssey the music running through my head will be from this album. The music is heavy, riffy, sludgy, psychedelic, and really takes off with the themes from the movie.

Dr Sludgelove started as a one man project in 2016 to provide a conceptional frame to János Papp's musical ideas. This album is the musical condensation of his personal experience about one of the greatest movies ever made, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Later in 2017, long time friend Attila Temesvári joined the project as a bass guitar player and wrote one of the songs.

Dr Sludgelove sent me the track descriptions which say it a lot better than I can. And he's got videos, too, so kick back and enjoy!  

But before you do that, don't forget to pre-order my Loud & Lonely vol. 1 compilation album on Bandcamp which of course features a track from Dr Sludgelove along with lots of other heavy solo musicians. And of course check out Dr Sludgelove's albums on Bandcamp. And heads up -- Dr Sludgelove has a new album dropping soon!


This is the first song of Dr Sludgelove's first album inspired by the Stanley Kubrick movie 2001 a space odyssey. In this song, the humanity have just born. Apes are living their everyday life, which are just about struggling, fighting for the food, for a place to sleep. They gathering into groups, the groups are fighting with each other as well. The Earth these times is very unfriendly place, with big and wrathful storms, green can be found barely in this region, the vegetation is not very rich. At some time in a morning, a big black prism is just appearing in front of our group of ape's cave. The shape, color, smell, is just never ever seen on this planet before this time. It is a monolith... An ape shows interest at once, as he catch sight of it. He moves closer, wants to touch it, but in the same time he is afraid from the unknown... He starts to dance around it, others are appearing as well, but they have bigger fear, just watching him from a decent distance... after a while our hero just decide to tap it, then after some quick taps he constantly touches the monolith, but no any visible thing happens. After some days the ape finds some bones of a guinea pig, which are just laying in front of him. He starts to play with a piece, but he realises after a while what he can do with it. He holds it high, then smite it with his whole power. At this moment he just realised how to use something to achieve bigger force then he is able to provide with his bare hands. He is just started to use a tool! This is the start of the intellect, which drives the humanity to reach bigger and bigger improvement. The monolith gives a possibility to have a better, more developed life, than the miserable life of apes. This moment starts everything, the modern people's future...

This is the second song of Dr Sludgelove's first album inspired by the Stanley Kubrick movie 2001 a space odyssey. In this song the humanity is in space. They are travelling between planets in the Solar system. There is a base at the Moon, which can be visited by the average people as well. Traveling in space is not a big thing any more. After discovering the Monolith in the surface of Moon, a group of elit astronauts and scientists starts their travel to the planet Jupiter to discover an anomaly, marked by the Monolith in the Moon. Most of the scientist are in hibernation, two astronauts are awake during the long journey. An artificial intelligence, called HAL9000 is supporting them dealing with all the low level controls of the space ship...

This track is about a scene from Stanley Kubrick's movie, 2001, a space odyssey. In this part, the artificial intelligence computer, called HAL-9000 revealed as he tried to kill all astronauts in the spaceship. So Dave Bowman, the last astronaut decided to switch off HAL's intelligence to stop its influence controlling the whole ship's ecosystem. During the switching off operation Dave needs to wear spacesuit as maybe HAL try to kill him providing no any oxygen. Because of the spacesuit we can hear Dave breathe during all the track. This gives so much tense to the whole song and originally for the movie scene as well. We can hear as HAL tries to convince Dave as everything is right and it have no any problems continuing the mission successfully. In the meantime Dave pulls out computer cards from HAL's central unit, so HAL gets more and more simple minded. At a certain point HAL try to convince Dave, with some emotional impact as it states, it is AFRAID!! During Dave's action the music is heavy, a really metallic riff suggests that Dave is doing some harmful thing to HAL. When Dave finishes with the shutting down process HAL goes to stand by mode. Then he starts to "sing". This is the first thing, what was taught to it, back in the time, when it was created by his instructor, Mr Langley.

This is the fourth song of Dr Sludgelove's first album inspired by the Stanley Kubrick movie 2001 a space odyssey. After Dave Bowman successfully switched down HAL9000's high level functionality, he continues the mission and heads towards to the direction of Jupiter to investigate the enormously big copy of the Monolith, found in the Moon. His colleague Frank Pool and all of the scientist held in deep hibernation were killed by HAL9000 and the connection to Earth is also cut. So during the long journey, he is really alone, the way to Jupiter lasts for long months. He tries to focus on the mission, but because of lacking communication partner, he thinks a lot about his future, what he will find next to the Jupiter, how will the monolith behave, what will happen, when he encounters it... A lot of questions and a lot of pressure on him in the unknown area driving him to depression to meet his doom...

This is the fifth song of Dr Sludgelove's first album inspired by the Stanley Kubrick movie 2001 a space odyssey. Dave Bowman encounters the Monolith. He says the following phrase just before losing contact with Mission Control: “The thing’s hollow -- it goes on forever -- and -- oh my God! -- it’s full of stars!” During the journey he sees stars as flashes, the known three dimensional world falls apart. Time, directions, usual physics does not make sense here any more. Bowman is transported via the monolith to an unknown star system, through a large interstellar switching station, and sees other species' spaceships going on other routes. Bowman is given a wide variety of sights, from the wreckage of ancient civilizations to what appear to be life-forms, living on the surfaces of a binary star system's planet.

This is the last song of Dr Sludgelove's first album inspired by the Stanley Kubrick movie 2001 a space odyssey. After the journey through the wormhole, Dave Bowman finally arrives. The monolith creates an environment for Dave to exist in that would not harm him in any way, makes it look like a hotel room, filling it with familiar items to assuage any fear and appear welcoming. Dave can't believe what he sees, but leaves the pod and explores the room in his suit. He sees the telephone and telephone book, but the phone doesn't work and the telephone book is blank. He explores more and finds the refrigerator, where there is a variety of packaged food, but it is all "blue substance, of about the weight and texture of bread pudding. Apart from its odd color, it looked quite appetizing." There are clothes in the closet, which are a bit out of date for Dave's time. Dave decides to trust the environment. "But this is ridiculous, Bowman told himself. I am almost certainly being watched, and I must look an idiot wearing this suit. If this is some kind of intelligence test, I've probably failed already. Without further hesitation, he walked back into the bedroom and began to undo the clamp of his helmet. When it was loose, he lifted the helmet a fraction of an inch, cracked the seal and took a cautious sniff. As far as he could tell, he was breathing perfectly normal air." He eats the blue food and drinks the water, showers, dresses and he turns on the television. Refreshed and exhausted, Dave lies down on the bed, turns off the light and "...for the last time, David Bowman slept." The Power behind the monolith then transforms Dave into the Starchild, the next evolution of man.