Friday, October 11, 2019

ADVENT VARIC reviews FUMAROLE new single "Valley"

FUMAROLE new single "Valley"
FUMAROLE new single "Valley"

Big thanks to ADVENT VARIC for this guest review! Be sure to check out his other reviews on SLEEPING VILLAGE REVIEWS and also his blackened stoner metal on Bandcamp! Thanks, man!
This is my first dip in The Swamp writing a review. The Stoned Village seems to have caught onto my games, and someone got to this review before I had the chance.

Fumarole is a band hailing from Down Undah, and they are absolutely terrified of my threats. That's Australia for all who are unaware of ol' Crocodile Dundee, Fuzzy's second cousin. "Valley" is a new single from the concept album they are recording now. We all know how much concepts tickle my fancy, it's like a sweet burning in my loins. What they don't know is The Captain also writes about the valley, and I decimate the hell out of it. Varic must be sending these dudes transmissions "The Valley will consume you Into the dark". That's right boys, black holes sure do leave you in the dark with nothing left. I think they must have translated Varic's messages improperly, do Australian's have sufficient technology for this, or are they still using stone tools and smoke signals?

The music is the tasty stoner metal we all love, and the vocals make me think that Kurt really idolizes Lemmy. You can check out Valley on bandcamp, and grab one of their merch packs for 35$ AUD (that's about 25$ USD).