Sunday, October 27, 2019

Ascendant by Albatross Overdrive heavy rocker

Ascendant by Albatross Overdrive
Ascendant by Albatross Overdrive
If your band compares itself to Fu Manchu, Cluth, Nebula, and Thin Lizzy then it better deliver some hard ass rock & roll with killer vocals. Which exactly what the hard rock vets in ALBATROSS OVERDRIVE deliver on "Ascendant" with seven tracks that rip and roar with chugging guitar riffs with the singing to hammer the music home. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Ascendant by Albatross Overdrive:

There's nothing but high octane riffage on this album. Every song delivers power guitar work, a rhythm section that won't let up, and strong vocals. The hard rock American sound is backed by the lyrics which sing to the struggles and corruption we confront everyday. These lyrics are a lot more involved than you typically find on a hard rocker.

Albatross Overdrive formed in 2004 in So Cal with members:
  • Art Campos-  Vocals
  • Rodney Peralta-  Drums
  • Derek W. Phillips-  Guitar
  • Andrew Luddy-   Guitar 
  • Mark Abshire-   Bass
From the band:
We are an extremely attractive and well polished band with high levels of formal music training. Our ears are honed to that of a canine and possess the animal magnetism of a lion...A roaring lion with a large coarse mane, we captivate our audiences like a black demon cobra...I can't keep a straight face writing this.... 
Albatross Overdrive fans will be happy to know that the band is 8 songs deep into the next Full Length record which they hope to start recording early 2020.