Wednesday, August 4, 2021

How (and WHY) to PRINT codes for Bandcamp albums

Bandcamp codes are simply the VERY BEST way to promote your band's music FOR FREE! I've already explained why HERE and also how to create & share digital codes HERE.  And now I'd like to share another way to share Bandcamp codes with your fans, and that is to print them as coupons. All the info after the jump break!

What are printed Bandcamp codes? They look like this, and each one has a unique code to redeem a copy of your digital album:

First, let's talk about WHY you might want to print the codes: 

  1. Include a code with merch sales -- If you sell CDs, tapes, or vinyls at your merch table, go ahead and include a printed Bandcamp code so that your supporter can also get the digital album when they buy your merch. 
  2. You might be selling your merch on a web site other than Bandcamp, such as Big Cartel or your own web site. So include a printed code with your merch items so that your fans can hear your music in digital format.
  3. Include a code with other merch -- maybe you are selling a shirt, and you can include a printed code for an album with it. For example, I mail out hundreds of CDs every month, and I include a printed code with each shipment. The code gives my fans a way to listen to my digital sampler. 
  4. Free promotion -- it's free to print out 100 codes from Bandcamp, and you'll get more free codes as your sales roll in, or you can buy them for 100 at $3. Print them out to give them away at shows or ask your partners to distribute them. 
And here's how to create printed Bandcamp codes: 
  1. Go to on your computer
  2. Verify you are logged in with your band's artist account.
  3. Click your band icon in the upper right corner, and pick TOOLS
  4. Scroll down to Track / Album Codes
  5. Create 100 codes (here's more detailed info on how)
  6. Once the codes are created, a new line appears under the "generate codes" button. Look to the far right of that line, and click the PRINT button.
  7. You can make changes to how the codes look, but the default options are probably the best.
  8. Click on "Print the codes"
  9. This part is tricky, and it's different for everyone depending on your computer. Look around for an option to print to a PDF file. This creates a file of about 10 pages in a single PDF document.
  10. You can now print out the codes, or you can send this file to someone else. 
Still have questions? Contact me at 

How (and why) to use Bandcamp codes for EFFECTIVE (and free!) promotion of your music. Fuzzy explains it all right here --

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