Friday, January 31, 2020

Space doom "Deities" from TORTUGA is all about Lovecraft

"Deities" by TORTUGA
Cover art by Rafał Wechterowicz
It's been a while since the debut album from space doom outfit TORTUGA, and the wait has been worth it. "Deities" is top-rate heavy doom psych from its instrumental introduction through to the end of its nearly one hour of chilling riffs and vocals with a Lovecraftian theme. Check out "Deities" from TORTUGA:

"Esoteric Order" stands out as my favorite song from a playlist that is nothing but killer music. It's got the super heavy riffs, clean psychedelic guitars to blast your mind into orbit, and ice-cold vocals (and a few samples) to seal the deal on this fantastic album of space doom.

The third track "For Elizard" stands out as one of the most unique vocal tracks I've heard in a long time. This song is like the soundtrack to a horror movie and I really dig it. (And as I'll explain below, these songs are related to horror movies.)

"Defective Mind Transfer" gets back to pure instrumental, and it also swings back towards the heavy psych end of things while dialing down the doom. But only a little.

Three vocal tracks complete the album, and I can't speak highly enough of this 50-minute heavy doom psych production. Great songs, samples, effects, killer vocals, and a theme. Did I forget to mention the theme? Each song is based on a deity from Lovecraftian lore (or from a novel in the case of Defective Mind Transfer) which provide not only interesting lyrics, but help to meld the entire album into a single, cohesive, and very enjoyable listening experience.

Be sure to buy the digital version (link below to Bandcamp) because you get artwork for each track. These are scans of Roman Zarzeczny´s linocuts.

Tortuga hails from Poland with members:
  • Drums - Marmur
  • Bass - Heszu
  • Guitars, Vocals - Bablo
  • Guitars, Synths, Vocals - Kłosu
From the band:
The album is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft stories and each song tells a story of a different Lovecraftian deity. The only exception is the song titled Defective Mind Transfer, based on Lovecraft's short novel From beyond. Below you can find a little bit of context for each song.
A CD is on the way, so follow Tortuga on Bandcamp to find out when it's released.

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