Sunday, March 22, 2020

Doom blues LUNAR SWAMP "UnderMudBlues" debut crushes it

Doom metal LUNAR SWAMP "UnderMudBlues" debut crushes it
LUNAR SWAMP "UnderMudBlues" EP
If you think Fuzzy is going to dig the debut EP from a doom blues band named LUNAR SWAMP with deep roots in the Italian doom scene, then you would be absolutely correct. Lunar Swamp has dropped half an hour of fuzzy riffage with vocals that could only come from the darkest, dankest depths of The Swamp. These five songs will leave your ears dripping with swamp moss and reaching for your jug of Bayou rum, and paddling your boat across the fetid waters to your next crawdad boil. Have a listen to UnderMudBlues from Italy's Lunar Swamp:

The fuzzy riffs, the clean guitar solos, the effects ... all of these combine to make an excellent heavy blues EP. But what puts it over the top are the vocals. The slow, bluesy delivery combined with the dark gloominess just kills it.

Play this album on repeat. One listen is not going to be enough.

Looking for an album to spin at your next swamp party? UnderMudBlues is it.

Worried there's not enough Southern blues on here? Check out the harmonica and jaw harp. And the atmospheric effects.

Fuzzy's Favorite track on UnderMudBlues is "Green Swamp" not only for the cool title but because it captures the band's heavy blues with the best of its haunting vocals. Check out the video for Green Swamp on YouTube:

The Mrs. Cracklins' mini-review:
  • Haunting vocals
  • Soulful rock with harmonica
  • Powerful bass
  • Excellent soundtrack for Happy Hour
Lunar Swamp has its roots in BRETUS, an Italian doom outfit dating back to 2000. Be sure to check them out, here's my review, you will dig their music if you are digging Lunar Swamp.

Lunar Swamp hails from Italy's Catanzaro Stone Mountain with the members:
  • Mark Wolf: Vox, Harmonica, Fx
  • Machen: High and Low Guitars
  • S.M. Ghoul: Drums

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