Saturday, March 14, 2020

Garage punk THE ATTYCS debut EP "Drama Tape I"

Garage punk THE ATTYCS debut EP "Drama Tape I"
Garage punk THE ATTYCS debut EP "Drama Tape I"
Fuzzy hardly ever writes an unsolicited album review. I can barely keep up with all the requests I receive, so the music needs to really grab me before I will head over to the keyboard and start pecking away with my thoughts. I've got a lot of time on my hands, as our self-imposed 3-week self-exile of social distancing has just started. Hopefully the booze doesn't run out and everyone stays virus-free. The band that got me off my big green ass is THE ATTYCS with their debut EP "Drama Tape I" that is over-charged with raw energy and destructive potential. Check it out:

There are so many sounds on here that I dig. The raw power of a garage trio in "I Want to Fuck." Edgy punk vocals throughout. Heaps of fuzz ("You Suck"). Psychedelic guitar solos ("Friends"). Rockabilly riffs and surf tones ("Coming Through"). Naughty words. This album has it all if you love punk rock. The fact that these dudes are from Switzerland just adds to the insanity.

The Attycs are from Switzerland with members:

  • Sandro Gugger: Drums
  • Colin Steenbergen: Bass
  • Tim Hensel: Fuzz

From the band (via Google Translate):
An indecent, much too loud boy band with dildos throwing around, which is usually wet and chaotic. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, they manage to animate people from embarrassed shaking their heads to nodding their heads to wild dancing in their energetic live shows. Tinitus and stiff neck guaranteed. 
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