Monday, March 16, 2020

Blues rock LOYDS TRIP debut EP

Blues rock LOYDS TRIP debut EP
Blues rock LOYDS TRIP debut EP 
First things first -- I hope this finds all of you safe along with your family and friends as well. These are crazy times so stay away from people. While you are hunkered down in isolation, you might as well listen to some great music, and the debut EP from the UK's LOYDS TRIP delivers the blues rock goods. Check it out:

Things start off hard and heavy in "Decaf Blues" and they don't let up until the bluesy goodness of this trio of tracks has played out. This album has all the hallmarks of a great blues rock album with slide guitar, heavy bass, and killer vocals.

The middle song "The Trip" is probably Fuzzy's favorite, although let's keep it real -- all of these songs deliver the kind of music that makes it hard not to get up and stomp around the bar.

There is some incredible guitar work going on here, too, especially in "Bridges" and it will leave you wanting Loyds Trip to drop a full album. In the meantime, play this on repeat and let the good times roll as good as you can manage.

LOYDS TRIP band is from Sheffield, UK with members:  

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