Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Fuzz metal LÁGOON drops "Maa Kali Trip" on March 22

LÁGOON "Maa Kali Trip"
LÁGOON "Maa Kali Trip"
Skate punk fuzz metal duo LáGoon from the PNW is back with another super solid album, "Maa Kali Trip" and it drops on March 22. This time around, some of the songs are a little slower and the vocals are a little darker, but none of LáGoon's raw sticks & strings energy is missing. It's 8 songs and it's LáGoon's best album yet. "Maa Kali Trip" works well when blasting at maximum volume from your boombox at the skate park, or on your headphones while your shrooms are doing their thing.

The samples are way up from the previous albums and I dig them. Highlights include "Warning" and "Addiction."

I've always liked the dark edge to LáGoon and this is the darkest album yet. Is "Maa Kali Trip" the soundtrack for a skate day in Hell? Most definitely.

Head over to the pre-order page on Bandcamp and check out the video for the title song "Maa Kali Trip" -- it's a psychotic bloodbath of a lyric video. Dig it!

The album is on pre-order now on Bandcamp here, and releases on March 22. Get it!

LáGoon is from Portland with members:

  • Guitar/Vocals - Anthony Gaglia
  • Drums - Brady Maurer

From the band:
We’ll be announcing a pre-order the day of the release (March 22) for vinyl via Interstellar Smoke Records, and CDs & Cassettes via Forbidden Place Records as well.
The songs on this album were inspired by the maa kali mushroom truffle. Turn up your stereo and step inside the maa kali trip.
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