Monday, March 9, 2020

Psych rock WEDDINGS new album "Haunt"

WEDDINGS had their vinyl release show last week in Vienna, and I've heard from several fans that it was fantastic. One listen to their new release "Haunt" will give you an idea of the mastery this band has over their unique blend of psych rock, grunge, and stoner rock. This album is one catchy riff after the next, but the song-writing and production are all excellent which makes these songs you want to hear over and again. Catchy, yet enduring. And this is before you consider the vocals, with the ongoing duet between Jay and Elena who weave their singing seamlessly to incredible effect. The perfect marriage of voices? Well, why not -- the band is named WEDDINGS, after all. Have a listen: 

Weddings is based in Vienna, Austria with members: 
  • Jay - Guitar/Vocals
  • Elena - Drums/Vocals
  • Phil - Bass

From the band: 
Weddings is an explosive and moody rock power trio indebted in equal parts to grunge, desert rock, psych rock, punk and doom. The brainchild of Canadian Jay Brown (Vocals/Guitars), Spaniard Elena Rodriguez (Vocals/Drums) and Swede Phil Nordling (Bass), the band was created in 2017 after the 3 met while living in Salzburg, Austria.
The band member’s cultural differences helped to forge and fuel Weddings’ uniqueness. Brown’s upbringing on the prairies of Canada, Rodriguez’ childhood in southern Spain and Nordling’s experiences in Gothenburg, Sweden have contributed an impressive diversity to the distinctive songs.
A mutual love of bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Monster Magnet and Alice in Chains helped to unify their creative direction - one that takes many left turns away from conventional rock trappings, while in pursuit of fearless creativity.

Weddings web site

Weddings on Bandcamp

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