Sunday, March 15, 2020

Live psych "Seed to Stoned" from DESERT MAMMOOTH

Live psych "Seed to Stoned" from DESERT MAMMOOTH
Live psych "Seed to Stoned" from DESERT MAMMOOTH
420 is just around the corner so let's get ready with some excellent stoner music from Portugal's DESERT MAMMOOTH. Besides being excellent instrumental stoner with synths, this album was recorded live using incredible production quality which captures the vibe and energy from the show yet holds up to high volume listening. Check out Desert Mammooth's Seed to Stone:

The whole set has such a high quality to the music and production that it's hard to pick a favorite track. "Random Constellation" reaches the highest peak in terms of flat-out energy, and "Yellow Monkey" captures the band at its most psychedelic.

The synths add a layer of psych to stoner foundation and sends this album right into heavy psych outer space.

Desert Mammooth band is from Portugal with members: 

  • Guitars by Jaime Quental
  • Drums by Daniel Torgal
  • Bass by Bernardo Esteves
  • Synths by Rodrigo Vieira

From the band:
Heavy psych stoner rock quartet from Almada Portugal. In the summer of 2014, a casual talk became something not that casual. Back in their hometown Almada, after a trip that fueled Jaime and César to make music together, they decided to invite Tiago to play the bass and Desert Mammooth was born.
After jamming for a couple of months, they started writing their first songs like Arvoredakara or Yellow Monkey, which are a part of their EP “There’s an Elephant in the Room”, released on October 2016.
Their music is a mix of stoner with psychedelic rock getting close to that doom heaviness in some cases.
In the last 2 years they played together, jamming on top of the hill where the mammoth lives, creating themselves through hypnotic psych stoner rites, picking up nice heavy influences to create far-out landscapes.
April 25th 2018 Desert Mammoth released Random Constellation (single) with Salazar Minibrute playing synths and Random Constellation side B Multi Jam track where everyone exchange seats.

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