Monday, March 23, 2020

Doom sludge debut SORCIA delivers a PNW pounding

SORCIA debut album
SORCIA debut album
Greetings from The Swamp. Fuzzy hopes this review finds you safe and practicing social isolation. Each of us has to protect those around us.

The PNW strikes yet again with its special blend of heavy psych music. This time it's the debut album from Seattle's SORCIA. This trio puts the "heavy" into their music with generous head-crushing dollops of sludge, grunge, stoner, and metal. Oh, let's not pass over the tons of doom and blues. Too many tags? Not when it's this good. On top of all the bone-crunching heaviness, the vocals on this beast are as mind-boggling as they are soul-destroying. We've got not only a variation of styles by the main vocalist (and guitarist) Neal De Atley with some sludge, some clean, and some blues. But we've also got the blending with bassist Jessica Brasch who mixes in her soulful and haunting singing. Check out SORCIA s/t:

When an album delivers this much great tunage, it's not cool to pick out some favorites, but let me just say that the vocals on "Coffin Nails" are so satisfying that it's hard not to hit that single-repeat button. But let this ripping album finish to the end where more delights await your hungry soul.
"I know what Hell is and I won't be a slave .... When you know the truth, you know the lies."
The Mrs. Cracklins' mini review: "I bet this band delivers a great live show." Indeed. And hopefully Sorcia will be able to hit the road again sooner than later.

Sorcia band is from Seattle with the members:
  • Neal De Atley: Guitar/Vocals
  • Jessica Brasch: Bass/Vocals
  • Bryson Marcey: Drums
From the band:
SORCIA hails from the Snoqualmie Valley in the Eastern outskirts of Seattle, Washington. After solidifying their lineup in 2018, SORCIA hit the ground running, releasing a two-song demo in January 2019. 
Combining blues-laden groovy riffs into the raw heaviness of doom metal with the added dynamic of dual vocals, they deliver their own method of Pacific Northwest heavy stoner sludge metal. Since release of their demo, SORCIA has been performing live shows nearly non-stop around the PNW, with an increased abundance as we fully dive into 2020.
Check out the digital and CD & shirts from Sorcia on Bandcamp, and remember now is the time to support the bands you love as much as you are able to:

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