Thursday, March 12, 2020

Indie rock THE ROOST's debut album "Alice" drops March 27

THE ROOST's debut album "Alice" drops March 27
THE ROOST's debut album "Alice" drops March 27
Your new party soundtrack drops March 27 from Belgium's THE ROOST. Their debut album "Alice" is full throttle rock & roll with an alternative edginess that I really dig.

The album blasts out of the gate with "Leila" that has a catchy fuzzy riff over a heavy bassline. The energy continues on "Impossible" although it has a few more introspective sections. "Monsters" starts off slower but quickly picks up and rocks hard to the end. Great choice for the lead single!

"So Strong" might be our favorite song on the album. "Consequences" is a close second. Honestly, it's tough call since all the songs deliver the goods.

"Enemy" is the hands-down heaviest song on the album and it heads right into a stoner rock sound.

This is solid indie rock. To call it indie pop would not be far off, but "pop" doesn't give credit to the solid musicianship that is on this album.

The vocals are spot on throughout and fit the indie vibe perfectly.

All 10 songs deliver on the promise of the lead single and this album is well worth checking out on March 27. Your new party album has arrived!

The Roost is from Belgium with members:
  • Matthieu Meunier -- Vocals
  • Laurent Cenatiempo -- Guitar & Vocals
  • Jérémy De Bels -- Guitar
  • Jeff Pessi -- Bass & Vocals
  • Pierre-Yves Darquenne -- Drums

From the band:
Founded in Brussels in 2016, The Roost is an emerging band that crafts an atypical musical universe whose energy is drawn from the roots of rock, nu-metal, and stoner. Very energetic on stage, the five offer a repertoire of powerful and heady tracks whose heavy and sustained riffs are balanced by melodious vocals. The band signed a contract for the co-production and distribution of its first album with Rox Records / Moonzoo Music (Roland De Greef, Machiavel). ALICE will be released on 27 March 2020 in physical and digital formats.
"Alice" from The Roost will release on March 27.

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