Friday, March 13, 2020

Live sludge psych demo from SHATTERHORN is like being at the show

SHATTERHORN live demo debut
SHATTERHORN live demo debut
Thundering in from Thunder Bay, Canada is the live demo from SHATTERHORN. These five tracks will shatter your ears with the raw heavy pounding riffs while tripping you out with extended psychedelic guitar solos and hard-hitting powerful vocals. The best part? This was recorded live, and it gives you an idea of how good this band must be at a show. Check out SHATTERHORN:

Favorite track? Not an easy pick, but "Captain Kirk's Bastard Armada" has all the heavy psych and dirty noise this band can deliver along with their signature vocals and lyrics. I really dig this one! The extended guitar solo in "Witchland" is also killer.

It doesn't take a leap of faith to know SHATTERHORN must kick ass at their live show, so if we survive the cornona pandemic, all you Canadians get out there and check these guys out!

SHATTERHORN is from Thunder Bay, Canada with members:
  • Josh Therriault - Vocals
  • Louis Zucchiatti - Guitar
  • Rob Hibberd - Bass
  • TJ Gunnell - Drums
From the band:
From Thunder Bay, Ontario, CA, Shatterhorn is a Heavy Psychedelic Rock four-piece with diverse musical influences wrapped up in a thick coat of sludge.

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