Friday, March 20, 2020

Goth rock STONEHAG new album "Nocturnal Affairs"

STONEHAG new album "Nocturnal Affairs"
STONEHAG new album "Nocturnal Affairs"
Fuzzy hopes this review finds you safe and calm in these dark times. The new album from Portugal's STONEHAG captures the current mood well with his new album, "Nocturnal Affairs" with its dark mood, darker lyrics, and angst-inducing tones carried along with some downright groovy licks. Check out "Nocturnal Affairs" by Stonehag: 

The dark, heavy synth rhythms flow like a river of sludge through a zombie city, and yet the music has a stoner doom element to it which keeps the songs from becoming completely overwhelming. In fact, the title song "Nocturnal Affairs" gets right into a funky club vibe with some great solo guitar work.

This is a full album at 7 tracks and 40 minutes, and the songs flow really well. This is definitely an album to turn on and enjoy its darkness through to the end. "Cigarette Burns" in particular really stands out to me, and deserves to be included in the soundtrack for a good vampire or zombie movie.

Stoner rock fans should check out "Nocturnal Affairs" by Stonehag.

Stonehag band is a solo band featuring G.R. from Portugal. From the band:
'Nocturnal Affairs' marks the return of Portuguese musician G.R. under the moniker 'Stonehag',with a brand new set of original songs for your listening discomfort. Again a departure from the previous albums sound, with a more electronic approach to songwriting yet retaining the same vibe that we all have come to dearly despise. Hope you can find some comfort in the sounds and words of 'Nocturnal Affairs'.  

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