Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Sludge metal SWAMPLORD dirty debut album

I have been called the Swamp Lord, so when I spied this sludge psych metal masterpiece on Bandcamp the other day, I had to check it out. Masterpiece? Only if you dig hard fuzz with slow riffs and vocals that stand out from the typical sludge fare like the flame from a methane burst. Check out the debut album from SWAMPLORD:

The guitar solos on this beast are unreal. They veer right into pure psychedelia, and they float around the fuzzy riffs like evil demons trying to infect your brain. And yet the vocals are eerily angelic. Well, demons are fallen angels, right? So I guess that makes sense. Evil angels. Angelic demons.

There is definitely a psychedelic element to this sludge metal. Sludge psych metal.

Definitely it's the vocals with their layers and effects and general trippiness that make this album stand out. Don't get me wrong -- the heavy doom psych is killer. It just becomes super killer with the vocals piled on. Check out SWAMPLORD!

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