Friday, March 20, 2020

Prog metal PSYCLOPS drops debut album "Amalgam" on March 20

PSYCLOPS pre-release single Call Off The Haunt
PSYCLOPS pre-release single Call Off The Haunt
More killer music from PDX! This time around we have a new single (with the album dropping on March 20) from the Portland prog / groove metal band PSYCLOPS. The album is "Amalgam" and the pre-release single is "Call Off The Haunt" which you can hear below. The Portland quartet lays down a blend of progressive and groove metal with earnest vocals that get black at times.

I've listened to the full album "Amalgam" with it's 8 songs and 38 minutes of music. If you dig the pre-release single, you will dig Amalgam. It's strong throughout, and if I have to pick a few favorite tracks, I would say "An Arena?! They Have Time for Entertainment?!" and "Icarus Dies" highlight the band's many diverse talents.

"Amalgam" releases on March 20
"Amalgam" earns its name with elements of prog and groove metal, and clean and blackened vocals. It's high-energy all the way through with plenty of great guitar work.

Check out the lyric video for the pre-release single "Call Off The Haunt" on YouTube:

Psyclops is from Portland with the members:
  • Chris Jackson - Vocals, Guitar
  • Brandon Peterson - Bass
  • Guerd Alberts - Guitar
  • Alex Flatt - Drums

From the band:
PSYCLOPS is an eclectic group of rock and metal virtuoso’s armed with a bold, creative vision and a unique sound inspired by a diverse portfolio of artistic influences.
Follow Psyclops on Bandcamp to find out when "Amalgam" drops on March 20.

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