Thursday, September 26, 2019

OCCULT HAND ORDER stoner psych debut EP delivers the heavy riffs

OCCULT HAND ORDER stoner doom debut EP
OCCULT HAND ORDER stoner doom debut EP
The debut stoner doom EP from France's OCCULT HAND ORDER is exactly how I like my stoner doom -- fucking heavy while delivering the riffs. These 4 tracks stay dark and heavy but have their moments where they take off across the desert of doom. Already I cannot wait for the full album! Check out OCCULT HAND ORDER:

I also dig the variety in song lengths. We all love the long songs that take you on a journey, but sometimes what you need is a short one to kick out the doomy riffs. I like the balance going on with this EP. The transition from "Stolas" to "Witches Are Burning" is exactly what I mean -- one ends and the next one decides to kick in your teeth at twice the speed. These tracks are really the perfect mix of STONER and DOOM.

From the band:
Heavy are the riffs. Dark are the thoughts.
The trio summons a dizzy psychedelism and let the fuzz buzz through the bones.
Occult Hand Order shakes the souls and the bodies with its Stoner Hard Psych.
The band shared the stage with many great artists such as Mars Red Sky, Naxatras and Maidavale.
Show on Saturday! So follow Occult Hand Order to stay in touch with the band: