Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Nature of Love by Destroy Earth instrumental psych album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

The Nature of Love by Destroy Earth
The Nature of Love by Destroy Earth

This weekend, I was wandering around on YouTube and stumbled upon a recent interview with Jimmy Page where he described that his intention with many of the Led Zeppelin projects was to take advantage of vinyl LPs and AOR FM stations in the US. What he meant was that LZ tried to record an album where all the songs on the first side fit together musically into their 20 minutes, and encouraged you to flip over the album and listen to the other side in a single session as well. The songs sounded different but they existed as part of a whole album. Which is pretty much the 180 degree opposite of 30-second hook singles dominating Spotify today. Stream the album on Bandcamp and read Fuzzy Cracklin's review of the psychedelic album The Nature of Love by Destroy Earth after the break....

But not all hope is lost, my friends! Listen no further than the fine instrumental heavy psychedelic debut The Nature of Love from Destroy Earth. The Nature of Love is just over half an hour of groovy, heavy tunes where there is no need to skip around the track list. Just start at the beginning, kick back and enjoy a spacey sonic treat all the way through to the end.

The album warms up with the aptly-named Warm Up with its upbeat vibe:

The next couple of tracks definitely pick up more of a psych sound, partly with some amazing guitar work and also there are some synths coming in on A Ritual of 10,000 Suns:

Things get downright groovy in The Shepherd:

Finally the album wraps up with a lot of heavy energy on Fist Of Love:

All throughout this album is a driving beat and some nicely-placed fuzzed-out guitar work that heads off into space without getting too dreamy.

Destroy Earth is a band formed in Turkey back in 2014. It is Dehan Kılınçarslan on guitar, Durukan Yaşar on drums, and Umutcan Özen on bass. There's some synth on a few tracks by Ozan Çanak, and some additional bass by Can Tunaboylu and Mert Hocaoğlu.

These tracks are the end result of a lot of jamming and improvisation, which eventually led to the songs we have here on The Nature of Love.

This debut album is a great listen from start to finish. What a pleasure to hear new music that is written to enjoy the entire album in a single go with a real flow and intention, yet without hearing the same melodies over and over. I found myself playing the album on repeat as I went about my work today.

Head over to Bandcamp to stream or download Destroy Earth's instrumental psych album The Nature of Love.

Need more heavy psych tunes from Destroy Earth? Check out this 48 minute jam on SoundCloud:

Hopefully we'll hear this jam worked into some tracks on Destroy Earth's next album.

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