Monday, February 10, 2020

Psych rock "The Great Expanse" by Isak is an EPIC album

Psych rock "The Great Expanse" by Isak
Psych rock "The Great Expanse" by Isak 
Fuzzy tries not to use the word "EPIC" too often, because then it won't mean what it should. But let's break it down and see how it works on the new album from the UK's Isak named "The Great Expanse." It's 45 minutes. It's got great rifts. The album flows with climbs up thundering peaks and dives deep into chill valleys, finally ending in a with such a grand conclusion that your mind is left wondering what just happened. The beat section keeps it heavy when it's needed and backs off as required to let the guitar work shine through. Finally, this has had so many spins here in The Swamp during the past month that I'm left with only one word for this album ... EPIC! Check out "The Great Expanse" from Isak:

Three of the seven tracks have vocals which float over the music very nicely, and the instrumental tracks have so much going on that you won't mind they are without singing. The album plays so well as a whole there's not really any need to single out a particular song, but I will say that the final track "Call of the Void" crystallizes Isak's sound at its finest. But start at the beginning and enjoy the ride until you get to this song.

Isak is from Scotland with members:
  • Joe McGarrity (Guitar/Vox)
  • Mark Tait (Bass)
  • Robert "Twigs" McLean (Drums)
  • Hannah White - The Deity (additional vocals)
From the band:
Isak came together early 2012 to create music we love. After a long summer of jamming and soul searching, we are ready to let you ride along. Our music is a blend of heavy fuzz, stoner grooves and psychedelic space jams.
Follow Isak on Bandcamp to keep up with their music and news:

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