Thursday, April 2, 2020

Power stoner debut HYDE S/T

Stoner metal debut HYDE S/T
Stoner metal debut HYDE S/T 
Fuzzy can't get too much stoner metal out of France. Moozoonsii, Nydeaf, Pusherkid .... the tough guitars and the rough riffs. So when HYDE sent me their debut self-titled album, I was all over it. And does this ever deliver the goods. Not only with angry music that fits these awful times so well, but there's also the angst-full vocals and killer samples. (FYI, Fuzzy loves samples.) Everything about the debut effort screams in your face that HYDE is a band to be reckoned with. Dig this great album:

I gotta point out that there are enough musical ideas packed into this full album to fill out 2 or 3 albums for a lesser band. I don't mean just the variety of the riffs between the songs, but within each song there is a lot going on. Listen to "Tsunami" a few times and unpack how much is going with this song. Just really great!

Hyde describes their sound as "power stoner" and I agree with that.

There's a fantastic balance to the instruments as well. The bass stands on its own without taking over, the drums provide tons of variety without getting splashy, and the guitar sails crips and clear over them both. A great production.

Ahhhh and the samples.... "D W A G B" is my idea of a perfect song. Chugging heavy riff underneath a classic sample. (Walter's eulogy from the end of "The Big Lebowski.") "Hunter's Run" comes in a close second with its own killer sample (from "True Detective"). Hyde really digs some cool shit.

The mini review from Mrs. Cracklins:
"Well-produced but not over-produced." 
Hyde delivers a great lyric video for The Barber Of Pitlochry on YouTube:

HYDE band is from Paris with the members:
  • Mister J: Bass / Vocals
  • Mister P: Drums
  • Mister S: Guitar
From the band (via Google Translate):
HYDE produces heavy and powerful rock with stoner accents, influenced by the Swedish doom / sludge scene and North American stoner-rock. This mixture of influences gives Hyde a particular style which they qualify as Power Stoner.

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