Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Psych metal FARSEER's S/T album debut

I'm finally catching up on my reviews after the holidays, but I was listening to a lot of music and one album that got a lot of spins in The Swamp in December was the self-titled debut album from Chicago's FARSEER. This album sounds way beyond the typical debut effort and it delivers 47 minutes of a mostly instrument mix of progressive psych and sludge metal with two different singing styles added onto a few of the songs. I really dig this album. Take a listen:

I picked "Mouse Utopia" as one of Fuzzy's Fresh Picks on last month's show on Par9noid's Metal Underground so I guess that's my favorite song from the album. It's got a nonstop pounding rhythmn combined with guitars floating over the top, and vocals that kick in at just the right time. But it was not easy to pick a favorite from this album because it mitaintains a nearly perfect blend of progressive psych and sludge for the full 47 minutes.

The vocals do not dominate this album. Half the songs are instrumental, and when the vocals kick in they blend so seamlessly with the music it's like they are another instrument. That being said, I really dig the two styles of vocals. "Mouse Utopia" is full-bore gritty then when it gets to "Sleep in the Sound" we have a mix of those along with more angelic vocals.

Farseer is:

  • Brendan McCarthy: Guitar + Vocals
  • Ted Ballantine: Guitar
  • George Burrows: Bass
  • Kyle Curtis: Drums

From the band:
Blending post-metal and Floydian psychedelics with crushing riffs and consuming atmosphere, Farseer is a dynamic 4-piece progressive metal project from Chicago.

Influenced by / FFO: 
Led Zeppelin, Modest Mouse, Baroness, Torche, Deafheaven, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Pink Floyd, Mastodon, Pelican, Russian Circles
Upcoming shows:

  • January 10 at Penny Road Pub in Barringon, IL with The Darkhorse Collective show info 


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