Thursday, August 29, 2019

SPIRAL GURU drops the perfect space rock album "Void"

SPIRAL GURU is a band that blows you away when you hear them. How has this band escaped my attention before now? Catchy heavy riffs, generous amounts of psych, and absolutely unbelievable vocals. Spiral Guru's latest album "Void" has been out only a month and it's doing well on Bandcamp, and I completely understand its success. Listen for yourself:

This whole album is so strong that it just blows me away. There is a real progression to the songs, too. The first few tracks are very strong and heavy, then things get into more of a slower psychedelic area, and finally the last track "Holy Mountain" really bangs it to a big finish. I have discovered so many great bands while compiling BRASIL IN FUZZ and without hesitation I will say that Spiral Guru is one of my favorites. Mrs. Cracklins also digs them a lot and we have been playing "Void" for many of our Happy Hours.

Spiral Guru describes their sound as "heavy rock" and "space rock" and "psychedelic" and these are all part of their sound for sure. I would add "heavy psych" since that gets right to the heart of their sound.

Spiral Guro is:
Vocals - Andrea Ruocco
Guitar - Samuel Pedrosa
Bass - José Ribeiro
Drums - Alexandre H. G. Garcia
Check out the YouTube video for "Oracle" --

How I met Spiral Guru was when they contacted me about getting a song onto BRASIL IN FUZZ my new digital compilation featuring only bands from Brazil. Follow me on Bandcamp to get FIVE HOURS of killer heavy music from Brazil THIS SATURDAY!!