Tuesday, August 6, 2019

HALFAYA S/T smokes you with weedcore

HALFAYA blasts onto the the heavy music scene with a sound they describe as "weedcore" which I describe as fuzzy metal played faster than your typical stoner music without losing the heavy bass with the same effect -- to pound your medicated brain. And I dig it! Man, I dig this album! High energy, fuzz, killer vocals .... what more do you want? Check it out!

The album blasts out of the gate with the slow-burning and then exploding instrumental track "El Paso De Halfaya", but no worries if you miss the singing, because the next track cranks it up even higher with vocals. I love how "Vienen Por Vos" continues right on from the first track. I dig it so much it will be included on my Ultimate Summer Stoner com dropping at the end of August -- right on! Be sure to follow me on Bandcamp to get a download code to the comp when it drops.

Did you notice the vocals are in Spanish? The language of stoner music? Which makes this album even better. To say these guys are from Argentina is to state the obvious.

This whole album plays out like a long song in the way the sound flows so well. Like a fast-moving flow of molten lava, or a non-stop fireworks show. It slows down here and there, and just enough to keep pounding away at you with the guitar making fast knife attacks while the bass is dealing the body blows.

So now you know what "weedcore" is and let's hope for more of it from HALFAYA.

Halfaya (Hellfire In Arabic) is a band from Rosario, SantaFe, Argentina that started 2 years ago, as a drum and bass duo formed by Gonzalo, the bassist, and Juan, the drummer, with the idea of making some songs and jam in the rehearsal. The band end up being what it is today with the addition of singer, Pancho and guitar player, Diego a.k.a. Pelado. The band influences and genres go through stoner, hardcore, doom, thrash metal and so on, with bands like Helmet, Corrosion of Conformity, Black Sabbath, Truckfighters, and some local examples like Pappo's Blues, Aeroblus and others.

That's why Halfaya likes to call their mixture of genres and Influences Stonercore or Weedcore.