Saturday, August 17, 2019

OVU CUZIDO new punk hardcore single hits Spotify

Only a few weeks (August 31) until my next comp drops on Bandcamp, and it will be epic! Already over FIVE hours of heavy music and all of it from Brazil. BRASIL IN FUZZ features stoner, doom, rock, metal, and what compilation of this size would be complete without some punk! And some hardcore! And the punk scene is alive and well in Brazil, and the new single from OVU CUZIDO (boiled egg) proves that. Check out "Estelionatário do Caralho" (google it) on Spotify:

An opening scream, thrashing guitars, very short playing time, and plenty of angry vocals. It's all here and even a little more, because towards the end it does a break and throws a slow killer guitar solo at you.

Ovu Cuzido is (left to right)
Ziq (drums), Serginho (bass), Juliano (guitar, backing vocals), Caio (vocals)

About the band: 
Ovu Cuzido was born in mid-2000 in the Sao Paulo's interior countryside when the brothers Caio and Mauricio decided to shake the place to the ground! With punk / hardcore influences Ovu Cuzido released their first demo in the 2006 "Infernal Marmitex" (Infernal Packed Lunch), always with aggressive riffs and lyrics against the system the songs are always a real stoned in the ear. Ovu Cuzido becomes a symbol of the Punk/Hardcore movement and has been doing a quality song for over a decade.

Follow me on Bandcamp to find out when BRASIL IN FUZZ is released! It's gonna be epic!

BRASIL IN FUZZ drops August 31