Tuesday, August 20, 2019

HEROD by o.d.r.a Blues + doom + sludge

HEROD by o.d.r.a
HEROD by o.d.r.a 
Blues + doom + sludge is a combination of tags that should have you running to hit that PLAY button. Heavy doom with a rough edge and bluesy riffs is what you get on the new album HEROD from Poland's o.d.r.a. Check it out:

Track 5 "Chuj To Kojo" might be the most bluesy track on the album, so jump there if you want to hear where these guys lay down the doom with blues riffs.

There is some really incredible guitar work going on here. "Derby Heroda" is probably my favorite song on the album, and it includes a totally wild guitar solo.

The vocals are sludge so either that's your thing or it isn't. I dig them and they fit the music perfectly. There's a pain and anguish and that's where the music is at so the singing is a good fit. And the singing is in Polish which sounds great to me with this music. There's a lo-fi fuzzed-out effect to the singing that adds even more strain and edginess.

I'm a huge fan of albums which have a sonic flow from start to finish, and HEROD is all over that. Some of the tracks even blend right into each other with only a cut for the track times. This album takes you on an aural journey through various levels of darkness and the album is like a book with the chapters all in the right order. I had to keep checking the album page to see that I was now listening to a new song.

o.d.r.a. is from Wrocław, Poland. Members are:
Hudy Byk - vocal
Kobi - guitar
Świta - bass
Ziółko - drums