Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Spain's MAHARA debut album "The Gathering" lays down the doom

MAHARA debut album "The Gathering"
MAHARA debut album "The Gathering" 
You know the music is going to be killer when one of your bands suggests an album to you. One day last week I got a DM from Dos Brujos saying to check out the debut album from Barcelona doom band MAHARA. And all I can say is, Dos Brujos knows their doom! This album is so solid that it is a little dizzying to comprehend how it is a debut album. Check out "The Gathering" --

The album opens up very ominously. The tones are pure doom and the chants are nearly incomprehensible. And just as you are straining to hear the words, they drop the riff hammer on your vulnerable head and off we go for 45 minutes of pounding doom with haunting vocals.

"God's Requiem" is a little shorter than the opening track, but it kicks right in with a pretty fast riff. I really dig doom that keeps the tempo going nice and strong like this. Doom doesn't have to be funeral march. This song gets downright punchy at times.

The middle track "Wizard's Tower" slows things back down, amps up the chilling chants and necro noises, and delivers what is maybe the strongest riff on the album. Nothing but solid songs throughout.

"Merga" might be my favorite song, but really I am just splitting hairs here because every track on this album is pure gigantic doom riffage. Merga has sound effects and screams and howls laid over the top of the heavy thundering bass line which give it the sound of a haunted house dance party. I love that the riff is pretty fast, but never stops pounding your body and soul.

The title track "The Gathering" wraps up the album in epic style. It's long, it's heavy, and vocals are haunting throughout.

A little bio from the band:
MAHARA was born in 2018 in Sabadell, Barcelona by Marc R. (Drums), Pablo R. (Bass), Carles M. (Guitar), and Marta M. (Vocals).
We are influenced by Electric Wizard, Windhand, Mephistofeles, Messa, Weedeater...
The Gathering was recorded in one day at Estudio Aqueron with the help of Marcos from Ground.

"The Gathering" by Spain's MAHARA is 45 minutes of blissful, heavy, and entertaining doom. Dig it! Thanks again to Dos Brujos and be sure to follow Dos Brujos on Bandcamp to get the news on their upcoming CD!! Right on!

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